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Makati laments rejection of health transfer plan

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Makati on Sunday bewailed Taguig City’s decision to reject its proposal for a “smooth transfer” of health facilities and services in barangays affected by the Supreme Court decision on their territorial dispute.

Makati City administrator Claro Certeza said Taguig denied their proposed memorandums of agreement (MOA), which in effect would delay the transfer of the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak) and eight barangay health centers.

“We have initiated a series of correspondence and MOA proposals to the City of Taguig aimed to facilitate the smooth transfer of Makati-owned health facilities to its jurisdiction. However, these have been rejected outright, without valid reason,” Certeza said.

He said Taguig was “adamant” on taking control of OsMak and the barangay health centers without respecting Makati’s ownership rights.

Certeza cited Makati Mayor Abby Binay’s letter to Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano where the former suggested an MOA for OsMak.

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Binay likewise offered to grant a credit line to Taguig to ensure that impacted residents could continue to access basic medical services at these institutions.

“Makati is even willing to allocate millions in funding for this credit line to Taguig to avoid any disruption in health care services. Yet, Mayor Cayetano refused to even consider the proposal, opting to put off any discussions regarding OsMak, purportedly in deference to the wishes of the Health Secretary,” Certeza said.

Taguig has yet to make any statement on the issue as of press time.

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