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Embo trike drivers pledge support to Taguig Mayor Cayetano

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A group of tricycle drivers and operators in Embo (Enlisted Men’s Barrio) barangays, formerly under the jurisdiction of Makati City, took an oath before Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano and pledged their support to her administration.

Mayor Cayetano also expressed her eagerness to work with the group that formed the new organization called the Embo Tricycle Taguig Federation, which aimed to provide essential services to the 10 Embo barangays.

She also recognized the significant contribution of the transport sector to Taguig’s success.

“Here in our city, we recognize the importance of the transport sector. Since you are part of the community, I want to make you feel the TLC of Taguig: our dream to achieve a transformative, lively, and caring city,” said Cayetano.

“The transport sector has contributed immensely to the success of Taguig,” she added.

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The tricycle drivers and operations learned more about the programs and services offered by the city government.

In an open forum, the group raised their concerns regarding tricycle franchises, eligibility for medical and educational assistance, and other benefits, which Mayor Cayetano and City Administrator Jose Luis Montales addressed immediately.

One of the group officers, Marlon Valmonte, expressed his gratitude to the local officials for the opportunity.

“We are very grateful for your warm welcome to Embo residents. Our hearts and minds have been enlightened. We sincerely thank Mayor Lani for this opportunity,” he said.

Another leader, Marissa Velasco, also conveyed her support to Taguig and Mayor Cayetano, thanking the city for all the programs and benefits offered to them.

Mayor Cayetano said her administration is prepared to take on the responsibility of governing the new communities with the same commitment and solicitude it has done with its 28 barangays.

“We are committed to giving the same programs and services to its new residents,” she said.


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