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Judy Ann remains committed to ‘Mrs. Winters’ movie despite visa woes, other challenges

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In a recent interview, Judy Ann Santos expressed her continued enthusiasm for her upcoming movie, Mrs. Winters, in which she is set to star alongside Sam Milby. However, there have been some challenges that the stars and the production team have had to face along the way.

Originally, cameras were scheduled to start rolling for the film, which is set in Canada, but Judy Ann encountered some visa problems, leading to a delay in production. She pointed out that shooting in May or June, as initially planned, would have missed the essence of winter in Canada, potentially warranting a change in the film’s title.

“If we persisted in the shooting last May or June, we’ll lose the essence of the title since during that time, it was no longer winter in Canada,” the seasoned actress explained.

Judy Ann Santos makes a silver screen comeback with ‘Mrs. Winters’

Despite the setback, Judy Ann emphasized her unwavering commitment to completing the project. She stated that she’s fully dedicated to it, provided they can resolve the visa requirements and find the right snowy conditions at the location. This might mean waiting for the next winter season, with the hope that her visa situation will be resolved by then.

“As long as the requirements will be settled and of course, there’s snow in the location. So, I think we’ll just have to wait for the next winter to come. By that time, I hope my visa will be okay,” she went on.

“I can’t back out from it. We’ve already announced and I gave my producers my word. If ever the project would be shelved eventually, I promise that I won’t be the reason!” she concluded.


Actor-director Eric Quizon reveals that they’re cooking up a possible show for Maricel Soriano on NET25.

“Apart from the sitcom Quizon CT, I’m going to work for another program which Marya and I will top-bill. It’s a sitcom. Maricel will be our next big star. She can’t say no to me. I just can’t give details as of now since there’s still no official announcement. What’s definite is that it will be a sitcom which I will direct and will also feature my siblings,” Eric stated.

The veteran acting stalwart also mused that they’re conceptualizing new programs for their new Star Center talents as well whom he handles.

“Yes! Our family is growing so I have to be on my toes all the time. I’m looking forward to all our planned offerings!” ended Eric.


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