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Nadine Lustre thrives on challenging acting roles

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Nadine Lustre gets excited when she is offered challenging acting roles. She finds inspiration in crime and thriller movies and in watching actors take on transformative characters.

The multimedia star, who recently clinched her second win at the FAMAS Awards for her outstanding performance in the movie Greed, spoke about how stepping into the shoes of various out-of-the-box characters fills her with excitement.

2023 FAMAS Best Actress Nadine Lustre

“When I watch a film like ‘Joker,’ we can see that Joaquin Phoenix’s character was something he hadn’t done before, but he portrayed it with so much passion. Watching films like that and seeing actors do something like that inspires me to do the same,” Nadine told Manila Standard Entertainment in an interview.

“You know, it’s very exciting trying out different roles and putting myself in the shoes of another character,” she added.

Taking on another unconventional role, Nadine is starring in a film unlike anything she’s done before. Entitled Nokturno, the film is directed by award-winning director Mikhail Red.

From left: JJ Quilantang, Bea Binene, director Mikhail Red, Nadine Lustre, and Wilbert Ross

Mikhail expressed his preference for creating diverse films, saying, “I enjoy exploring various genres with each project. While ‘Nokturno’ is another horror film, it takes place in a completely different setting. My previous work was in the techno-horror genre, whereas this new film is set in a remote rural area, which adds an intriguing twist to it.”

The film revolves around a curse brought on by The Kumakatok – creatures with tall, thin, and long, pale fingers from Filipino folklore who wear veils that obscure their faces, and come knocking in the dead of the night. Those who answer the door are cursed to die or lose a loved one in three days.

Nokturno is the second team-up of Mikhail and Nadine following their box office hit and MMFF Best Picture Deleter, for which they also won Best Director and Best Actress, respectively.

In Nokturno, Nadine plays Jamie, who returns to her hometown of San Sebastian in the Philippines after rumors of a curse and her sister Joanna’s tragic fate. Joanna, played by Bea Binene, shares Jamie’s desire to leave their conservative town. However, they are cursed by the Kumakatok before they can escape.

From left: ‘Nokturno’ stars Bea Binene, Eula Valdez, JJ Quilantang, and Nadine Lustre

Eula Valdez portrays Lilet, their mother, who believes the curse haunts their family. Lilet becomes overprotective, fearing Jamie’s investigation might bring further harm. Despite their conflicts, they realize they must work together to break the curse.

The cast also includes JJ Quilantang as Julius, Jamie’s mature 13-year-old brother, who collects insects as a coping mechanism. Wilbert Ross plays Manu, Joanna’s boyfriend, and Ku Aquino as Tito Jun, Lilet’s protective brother and barangay captain.


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