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Judy Ann reveals desire to work with young superstars

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GIVEN her absence from the TV and silver screens, people are keen to witness Judy Ann Santos, affectionately known as Juday, make a comeback. Thus, in her recent public appearance, interview questions thrown at her were about her potential projects and her desired co-stars.

“Times have changed, and there are many new talents emerging,” Juday shared with the showbiz press. “Of course, there’s Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre. Although, I’m wary of pairing them up as I might inadvertently stir up controversy. You know how sensitive people are nowadays.”

Judy Ann advises young actors not to overcommit and to savor the present as artists

When probed about her intentions to collaborate with these talents, Juday didn’t hesitate. “Why not? It’s an exciting prospect, don’t you think?” she replied confidently.

Sa akin niyo lang narinig yan. Naisip ko lang yan ngayon. Baka kasi ma-bash ako,” Juday chimed in addressing all queries with transparency and humor.

Alden Richards

Turning the conversation to the younger generation of artists, Juday expressed her admiration for Charlie Dizon, who she recently watched in a movie. “Charlie is a remarkable young talent. She has a lot of potential,” she said.

Mentions of Joshua Garcia and Alden Richards sparked discussions of potential collaborations.

Charlie Dizon

“Joshua. Alden. Pagsamahin na natin sila,” Juday proposed playfully. “Why not gather them for a single film alongside Kathryn, Nadine, and Charlie? It’s all in good fun, right?”

She continued, “Let’s seek out a formidable producer. Since we’re not frequently engaged in projects, it’s the perfect opportunity to unite them all!”

Nadine Lustre

“Jokes aside, it’s truly heartening to witness an abundance of talented youngsters. Their dedication to their craft is intense, reflecting their investment in every project they undertake,” Juday reflected.

Simultaneously, Juday advised young actors to not overcommit and to savor the present moment as artists. “There will come a time when they can immerse themselves completely, but for now, just enjoy every moment, be professional but don’t take everything too seriously,” she added.

Kathryn Bernardo

Meanwhile, Judy Ann stands as Alaska’s newest brand ambassador. The actress participated in a unique event where guest chefs showcased their culinary skills, incorporating Alaska milk into their delectable creations.

The invited chefs found themselves in awe as they stood beside Juday, presenting their dishes prepared with Alaska milk.

Joshua Garcia

According to Star Estacio, Marketing Director of Alaska Milk, Judy Ann is not just an accomplished actress, she is a mom and a purpose-driven influencer who sees food as a tool to help better the lives of those around her.

“She is—without a doubt—the best celebrity out there right now to represent Alaska Milk and what we stand for,” Estacio ended.


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