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New fares for LRT-1 starting August 2

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Pursuant to the approval of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) in June 2023, Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) will implement the adjusted fares for LRT-1 starting 2 August 2023.

LRMC has complied with due process, including the requirement to publish the approved fare adjustments in at least one newspaper of general circulation for three consecutive weeks. Thirty days after the last publication date will be the collection date of the new fares; hence the effectivity date of August 2 for the new fares. A public consultation was also held on 17 February 2023 which was attended by various stakeholders.

Based on the decision of DOTr’s Rail Regulatory Unit (RRU), the LRT-1 boarding fare will become Php13.29 with a distance fare of Php1.21 per kilometer, coming from the current boarding fare of Php11 and distance fare of Php1 per kilometer. 

Following this policy, LRT-1’s revised fare matrix will show a minimum fare of Php14 and a maximum fare of Php35 for Stored Value Cards (SVCs). On the other hand, Single Journey Tickets (SJTs) will range from Php15 to Php35. The current minimum fare for SVC is Php12 and a maximum of Php30, while SJT is at Php15 minimum fare and Php30 maximum fare.

Today, LRT-1 remains to be one of the fastest modes of transportation in Metro Manila and a sustainable way to commute with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

“Through the years, LRMC has remained committed to its mission of providing a safe, reliable, efficient, and comfortable journey for LRT-1 commuters. Despite the absence of fare adjustments in previous years, we have established major improvements in the 38-year-old railway line with the increase in trains deployed to service more commuters; improved headway or waiting time; station rehabilitation and expansion; and the construction of LRT-1 Cavite Extension Project. We are determined to give people back their time through efficient transport and put more value to every single peso that our passengers spend for every LRT-1 ride,” LRMC Chief Operating Officer Rolando J. Paulino III said.

Some of LRMC’s recent milestones for LRT-1 include the successful upgrade to a brand-new signalling system, the introduction of the first QR-based ticketing system in the railway, commercial operations of 4thGeneration trains, significant construction progress for the LRT-1 Cavite Extension Phase 1 project amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and other service innovations for commuters.–


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