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The sweet and sentimental ballad of Lizzie Aguinaldo

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Lizzie Aguinaldo, known for her vibrant and cheerful personality, brings a delightful and optimistic perspective to life’s vivid and captivating moments. With a focus on pursuing her passion in the music industry, she sets out to establish herself as Star Music’s latest recording artist.

Her debut single “Baka Pwede Na” currently gets a lot of love from musical romantics. Everything about the anthem shouts “hit song” with award-winning composer and filmmaker Joven Tan creating the song and music video of Lizzie’s maiden mushy kind of love song

Tan, the composer behind the mammoth hits “Anong Nangyari Sa Ating Dalawa?,” interpreted by Ice Siguerra, and Michael Pangilian’s “Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako,” says: “Lizzie is a promising artist. Malawak ang range niya at in due time, mas made-develop. Nang i-recommend sa akin, I said yes agad.”

Lizzie Aguinaldo shares that her debut single ‘Baka Pwede Na’ tackles about the feelings of first romance

“Baka Pwede Na” lyrics tell of a young miss and the intoxicating feelings that consume and confuse her at the same time because the prospect of first romance is imminent.

“It’s the song that I hope people would jam with whenever they are in the mood to feel kinikilig or that moment when they remember the first person they have a crush with, especially po sa generation ko,” the young singer enthuses. “It is such a nice song that Direk Joven Tan made. It is simple, but it sets that romantic vibe.”

Since she was just eight years old, the Grade 9 student has possessed a natural inclination for performing. She describes herself as an energetic and lively child, always eager to sing whenever there were gatherings or parties at home. Becoming a singer has been her lifelong aspiration, and now that it is finally becoming a reality, she expresses genuine gratitude for the opportunity.

Recording her first single felt unbelievably exciting for her. She used to imagine being like the young ladies she saw in movies and music videos, recording her own song, and being in a music video. Now, it has all come true, and she is incredibly happy and grateful for this opportunity.

Star Music head Roxy Liquigan and Star Music creative director Jonathan Manalo believe that their latest addition to the roster of Star Music artists has what it takes to become a shining star in the music industry with her talents, charisma, and sweet sentimental anthems.

“Baka Pwede Na” is now available for download and listening in different online music apps. It is also getting good airplay on leading FM radio stations.


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