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Globe supports Connectivity Index

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Globe Telecom Inc. said Thursday it is supporting the creation of a national Connectivity Index Rating, which sets a standard for internet quality.

The proposed connectivity index aims to establish a standard for the quality of internet connectivity in public and private buildings, contributing to the wider national effort towards comprehensive digitization.

“We are ready and eager to work with the government to establish a Connectivity Index Rating in the country. This will allow our consumers to choose which establishment or public place they would want to patronize because internet services are within standards,” said Globe Group president and chief executive Ernest Cu.

“With this in place, we will cement the perception that the Philippines has internet services at par with other countries, just as external party surveys have been showing. This initiative resonates profoundly with the President’s blueprint for a digitally resilient and vibrant Philippines,” he said.

Globe and other industry players proposed the Connectivity Index Rating to the sector leaders of the Private Sector Advisory Council.


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