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Come Home to a Mother’s Love: OKADA Manila’s heartwarming Mother’s Day Celebration

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(L-R) Okada Manila Associate Director for Premium Dining Miaki Narita and Okada Manila Vice Chairperson Takako Okada, welcome employees and their mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day.

No matter how much we age, we always come home to our mothers and we always look for the warmth and delightful feeling they give.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Okada Manila, the Philippines’ largest integrated resort to date, known for its unique blend of Japanese excellence and Filipino hospitality, hosted an early celebration with a heartwarming event called “Come Home to a Mother’s Love” in early May at the La Piazza.

The event was graced by Okada Manila Vice Chairperson Takako Okada, who lauded Okada Manila team members from the different departments for their hard work and their mothers who play a significant role in their children’s lives.

The team members shared touching stories of their mothers’ love and sacrifice — highlighting the values that their moms have instilled in them.

Tributes to Mom

Okada Manila’s Food and Beverage Assistant Manager Juvele Biala shared how her mother, Josefa, filled the shoes of both father and mother to her. Josefa worked abroad for 13 years to support their family, but decided to come home permanently after her college graduation.

“When I graduated, my mom came back home to attend my graduation ceremony. It was a memorable moment for both of us. I graduated Cum Laude from college, and it was all because of my mom’s support and love,” she said.

John Vincent Dimauhan, a procurement officer at Okada Manila, recounted how he grew up with his relatives, away from his mom, who braved the lonely life of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Singapore.

“I hadn’t seen her for a long time and I remember accidentally calling her ‘tita’ or aunt when she came home. I feel regretful when I recall that moment. But I was able to finish college and find a good company because of my mom’s sacrifice. All of it was possible because of her,” he said.

For Okada Manila Pit Manager Jayvee Despabiladeras, his mother’s sacrifices taught him valuable lessons on humility and hard work. His mom, Nenita, worked in Makati, commuting as much as four hours per day to help put food on the table.

Despite her busy schedule, Nenita was still able to manage the household, cooking for her family in the wee hours of the morning before her daily commute.

Mrs. Takako Okada (middle), Okada Manila Vice-Chairperson, hosted an early celebration with a heartwarming event called “Come Home to a Mother’s Love” on May 3, 2023, at the La Piazza.

“My mom’s humility and hard work taught me valuable life lessons, which I apply in my job today,” Jayvee said.

Meanwhile, Okada Manila Technical Operator Robert Dizon, who grew up far from his parents, tearfully narrated how he used to make his mom, Myrna, worry as he was quite a troublesome kid.

“I grew up with my lolo and lola, and I know I wasn’t an easy child to handle. But I know that I made my mom proud now. I’m grateful to have her as my mom,” Robert said.

Okada Manila Vice Chairperson Takako Okada was moved by the tributes and quipped  “all mothers who dedicated their lives to raising their children and supporting their families are noble and rewarding tasks”.

“The wonderful concept of bringing our team members together with their moms in one event to pre-celebrate Mother’s Day has been quite heartwarming. The warm hospitality of Okada Manila springs from the love and sacrifices of our team members’ moms. We should celebrate and honor them every day,” she said.

Okada Manila’s “Come Home to a Mother’s Love” event was a beautiful reminder of the importance of family and love. It showcased how Okada Manila puts a premium on the personal and family values of their team members, exemplifying the true spirit of Japanese hospitality and Filipino warmth.

Mother’s Day celebration continues at Okada Manila with a lineup of exciting events and dining, staycation, and shopping offers.

Okada Manila remains committed to providing memorable experiences and exceptional service to its guests, making for great stories waiting to unfold. For more information, visit


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