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Monday, March 4, 2024

Standard debuts ‘Environment & Sustainability’

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Manila Standard has decided to come out with a weekly section called Environment & Sustainability every Monday, found on page C1 in this issue.

The section aims to expand the readership of the paper and reach out to the younger generation that now comprises the majority of the population. The Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z and Gen Alpha (born between 1965 and 2013) comprise the majority of news readers now, with a sprinkling of the Baby Boomer Generation who were born from 1946 to 1964.

We feel that the Environment & Sustainability section will satisfy the hunger of the younger generation for information on social and environment issues affecting the planet. One common trait of the younger generations is their support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Goals that seeks to end poverty and achieve a sustainable lifestyle through reduced carbon footprints, clean water, renewable energy, recycling and ecological balance. The younger generations, for one, are more socially-conscious about the im pact of climate change on everyday life.

The paper and its online edition feel that a pro-active Environment and Sustainability weekly section dovetails with the preferences and the general goals of our youth. Manila Standard will be the ally of the younger generation, as well as the corporates that have aligned their operations to achieve their own sustainability goals.

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