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Lee Je-hoon embraces Filipino culture in recent PH trip

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By Patricia Taculao 

Among the many South Korean actors who captured the attention of K-drama fans worldwide is Lee Je-hoon, the lead star of the revenge-themed series Taxi Driver. His performances often captivate his audiences, making him a favorite to viewers. 

Je-hoon plays Kim Do-gi, a deluxe taxi driver who works for a company that offers a “revenge-call” service. Although his character seems unapproachable and scary, Je-hoon’s personality is the opposite. Still, they share the same respect for others.

South Korean actor and star of ‘Taxi Driver’ Lee Je-hoon

Earlier this month, Je-hoon visited the Philippines for his fan meet titled Vacation. During his visit, he got a taste of the rich Filipino heritage. It began with his trip to the country. Upon flying to the Philippines via Philippine Airlines, he had the opportunity to eat adobo served on the flight. He found it delicious and compared it to the Korean meal galbi jjim or braised short ribs. 

Lee Je-hoon during the press conference for ‘Vacation’

However, it’s not Je-hoon’s first time visiting the Philippines as he did back in 2015. He was in Cebu to help typhoon victims. Now that he’s back, he hopes to travel to Palawan, Siargao, and Manila Bay because he learned how beautiful the beaches are in the country. 

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Besides going to the Philippines for work, Je-hoon hopes to visit some of the country’s popular beaches

Yet besides wanting to frolic on the picturesque Philippine beaches, Je-hoon also wants to work on local projects.

“If there are good projects here in the Philippines, I am willing to join the project, and I will take the opportunity,” he said during a press conference before the fan meet. 

Je-hoon is open to accepting Filipino projects, depending on the conditions

The South Korean actor is grateful for the support from his fans, called Hoonists, which motivates him to perform exceptionally in current and upcoming projects. Je-hoon admitted to getting pressured when he filmed the first season of Taxi Driver. But now, he has become more comfortable on set and dropped jokes on set during script reading. 

He added that it’s relevant for people to overcome their nervousness to pursue their passions. With enough effort and commendable performance, they would also achieve their dreams. 

As an actor, Je-hoon believes his willingness to push his limits makes him outstanding in his craft. Going beyond his comfort zone allowed him to pursue his dream despite rejections early in his career.  

Besides Taxi Driver, Je-hoon is known for his roles in Where Stars Land, Tomorrow With You, and Signal. Among his works, Bleak Night is one he won’t easily forget because he learned how to smoke to portray his character. 

Eventually, Je-hoon wants to land drama projects because he believes it would best highlight his acting skills as the genre often requires numerous and intense emotions to efficiently deliver a scene. He even wants to play professionals like lawyers or doctors in future roles.  

During his fan meet in Manila last March 3, Friday, at the New Frontier Theater, the South Korean actor interacted with his fans eagerly. If given a chance, the South Korean actor would love to meet more Filipino fans closely. Je-hoon left a memorable experience for Filipino Hoonists, who would again want him to return to the country. 

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