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NTC reports 93.3% decline in text scams

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The National Telecommunications Commission said over the weekend text scams complaints dropped 93.3 percent after the implementation of the subscriber identify module registration law.

NTC legal branch officer-in-charge Atty. Andres Castelar Jr. said text scams complaints went down to 100 per day from 1,500 complaints prior to the effectivity of the SIM card registration.

Castelar text scams complaints were expected to further decline once all SIM cards registered in the system. As of March 9, public telecommunications entities reported 42.7 million successful SIM registrations representing 25.24 percent of the total 168 million active SIM subscribers as of September 2022.

Smart Communications Inc. reported 21.8 million of its SIMs had registered, or 32 percent of its 67,995,734 subscribers. Globe reported 17.6 registered SIMs or 20 percent of its 87.8 million subscribers.

DITO Telecommunity Corp. reported 3.2 million SIMs or 24 percent of its 13,108,103 subscribers.

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