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Filipino invention reduces fuel consumption and toxic emission

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A Filipino inventor has developed an anti-pollution device called “Hydrogasifier” that eliminates carbon emissions from vehicles, ships, and generators of up to almost zero percent and saves fuel consumption by as much as 50 percent, thus adding more power to the engine.

Hydrogasifier inventor Roberto V. Celis said the apparatus is a technology that dissociates water into hydrogen gaseous fuel and oxygen combustion enhancer by using the heat of a running internal combustion engine.

“When gaseous fuel is used as supplemental fuel in running engine, it causes the fossil fuel to burn completely that results in near zero carbon emission. What is significant is that this helps mitigate climate change and saves up to 50 percent of valuable imported fossil fuel,” he explained.

Climate Change is the main cause of rising world temperature, rising sea level and strong typhoons, he added.

Celis made an actual demonstration of how the Hydrogasifier works, during an exclusive interview at the inventor’s home in Marikina City Wednesday.

“My invention was a product of a wide and long research for 3 decades, and I found that water plays a vital role in the development of Hydrogasifier. The country would save billions of dollars annually from oil imports when used on transport vehicles, electric power generators to produce cheap electricity and marine engines,” Celis said.

He noted the country may earn billions of dollars from carbon trading as per Kyoto Protocol of 1997 on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement of 2016, “wherein 50 rich polluting countries will contribute billions of dollars to the United Nations Climate Change Fund.”

“The Hydrogasifier technology is an economical method of producing renewable and sustainable energy because it only uses water as a raw material and the heat from engines to dissociate water into powerful green gaseous fuel. It is applicable to gasoline, diesel, bunker, LPG and hybrid engines. It is adaptable to land vehicles, electric generators and marine engines. It can be used on old and new engines,” he said.

Celis added that “the technology is safe for engines, the users and the public, since hydrogen storage is unnecessary. The hydrogen produced is immediately burned with the fossil fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine.”

He claimed that the production of Hydrogasifier in the country will generate millions of jobs aside from getting additional income to the national treasury annually.


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