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Redefining Filipina beauty

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Your go-to beauty partner LazBeauty taps one of today’s most influential actresses, performers, and content creators, Gabbi Garcia, as the new face of the brand.

Newest LazBeauty Ambassador Gabbi Garcia

Gabbi serves as a certified beauty icon with her stunning, classic Filipina looks. A proud morena, she takes pride in embracing her insecurities and looks forward to her partnership with LazBeauty, especially with how the brand’s values align with hers. 

“Gabbi is the perfect personification of everything that LazBeauty stands for. She’s authentic, confident, and she really continues to redefine how Filipina beauty is viewed today,” Lazada PH Head of Marketing, Kitty Calderon, shares. “With Gabbi, we at Lazada hope that we continue to inspire Filipinos, especially the younger generations, to embrace their most authentic selves.”

“As part of Lazada’s goal to be the leading online destination for quality and trendy beauty products, we personally curate what goes into LazBeauty, and provide choices to our consumers that help them feel more confident every day. We partner with local and international brands at every price point, some of which are exclusively offered on our platform. We want to be the go-to for all beauty lovers, where they can buy every beauty must-have at just one shop,” Lazada PH CEO Carlos Barrera said. 

On top of having an incredible amount of choices, at LazBeauty, you can also connect with a community comprised of Beauty Besties where you get real stories and reviews to find what best fits your skin and budget.

“Being the newest LazBeauty ambassador is such an honor because the brand’s goal is to redefine Filipina beauty, and I’m super game for it,” Gabbi says. “LazBeauty supports us Filipinas by giving us access to these beauty products in such an easy way. They have so many choices and deals, so you can easily find the perfect match to help you be your truest self. Plus, fast and free shipping, which is so convenient. It’s beauty for everybody.”

The actress, despite being one of the most beautiful faces in the industry, has shared how she too advocates for everyone to overcome insecurities. “There are good days when I feel confident. But there are also days when I don’t feel okay. I overcome them by learning to just be comfortable with myself and not let my insecurities get the best of me.” 

When asked what she would advise her younger self, the actress-performer says, “To my younger self, don’t change anything about yourself. It will be better soon.”

Gabbi confessed that her LazBeauty budol as of late has been stick-on nails. “Because of the continuity of my shows, I can’t really put on gel or acrylic nails,” she says. “So I’ve been recently checking out stick-on nails on Lazada for variety (laughs).”

In terms of make-up, Gabbi’s number one must-have is a good lip and cheek tint. She also makes sure to carry a good hand cream and facial mist to keep herself fresh and hydrated.

LazBeauty Ambassador Gabbi Garcia (third from left) with Lazada’s Beauty Category Manager Anika Leongson, Head of Marketing Kitty Calderon, CEO Carlos Barrera, Head of Traffic Pauline Castro, and Head of Communications Mi

Her tip on being more confident? “I have to make sure I’m comfortable with whatever I’m wearing and with the make-up, I’m using in order for me to feel confident,” Gabbi says. 

LazBeauty presents the widest assortment of trendy and quality items that can help support you in embracing your own beauty. The brand offers up to 80 percent off branded LazFlash deals, fast and free shipping (as quick as three days in Metro Manila with P0 minimum spend, no cap), as well as exclusive deals when you sign up as a LazBeautyClub member.


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