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Plans on government eligibility grant to PH athletes revisited

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The Civil Service Commission and the Philippine Sports Commission have agreed to revisit plans on the possible granting of government service eligibility to national athletes who won medals in various international games.

PSC chairman Richard Bachmann meets with Civil Service Commission commissioner Atty. Aileen Lizada in a courtesy visit at Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Manila on Tuesday.

“As the CSC welcomes the chairmanship of PSC chairman Richard Bachmann, we also want to reiterate our support to our national athletes who achieved podium finishes for the country,” said CSC Commissioner Atty. Aileen Lizada in her courtesy visit at Rizal Memorial Sports Complex last Tuesday.

Lizada added that “the current examinations for eligibility would not totally capture the skill set of our national athletes. That is why we are pushing for this special grant so that they may still be in government service after their careers and help them ensure their future.”

“We thank the CSC for this initiative in supporting the PSC’s vision of changing the lives of our national athletes for the better, whether at their current or post-sports careers,” said Bachmann.

The sports agency chief believes that it is good to have athletes in corporate and government institutions because of their undivided dedication and commitment to serve.

In February 2020, the CSC initially proposed this plan to the PSC, noting that the crafting of terms of this future agreement shall be derived from the existing policies of the Republic Act No. 6847 – the Philippine Sports Commission Act, and Republic Act No. 2260, also known as Civil Service Act of 1959.

Under the Civil Service Act, Sub-Professional Eligibility qualifies applicants for first level positions such as clerical, trade, and custodial service positions which require less than four years of college education.

On the other hand, Professional Eligibility, qualifies one for first and second level positions such as professional, technical, and scientific positions that require four years of college education.


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