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Manila Standard Loyalty Awardees embody passion, perseverance

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As we celebrate the 36th year of Manila Standard, the newspaper has chronicled events, good, bad and everything in between, that have caught the attention of Filipinos for the last three decades.

Behind those years of experience under its belt and the breaking news it delivered both online and in print, are the people behind them—from writing to delivering the news to the masses.

They are Manila Standard’s most valuable assets, who continue to put up the newspaper through triumphs and tragedies, highs and lows, no matter what.

Robin O. Punay, District Assistant

Starting in 2008, Robin began working for the broadsheet as one of the staffs of the Circulation Department. His 15 years of service have helped and contributed to the company to maintain its credibility in delivering the truth and latest news.

Peter Gabriel Atencio, Reporter

Peter actually started his sportswriting career in 1987 as a Manila Standard correspondent. He became a regular employee 15 years ago after gaining valuable experience under his belt. Since then, he has witnessed the victories and defeats, stories and milestones of our national athletes as they became our country’s pride all over the world.

Roger Diaz, District Assistant Leadman

A district assistant leadman, Roger has been with the Manila Standard since August 5, 1998. Roger is of the MS employees, who stay up late, just to give the readers the truth they deserve.

Rey Requejo, Senior Reporter

Rey Requejo started working for the newspaper in 2008. Spending his 25 years on the field as a reporter for Manila Standard is what Rey considers his biggest achievement. For the past decades, he has been true to his creed of giving a keen eye on what matters to our readers—the truth.

Billy Empeño, Post-Press Coordinator

Billy is the man behind the production of the newspaper. A seasoned veteran in the field of printing, he has been serving the Manila Standard since 1993, marking his third decade with the newspaper.

Dealers and Subscribers

Manila Standard’s mission to provide the most essential information would not be possible without the help and unwavering support of its reliable dealers—Wilson Pascual, Dolores Trinidad, Danny Mesina, Jorge Diomampo, and H-Asia—and loyal subscribers—JRS, D.S. Navarro & Associates, Chinese General Hospital, Security and Exchange Commission, and DLSU-College of St. Benilde.

The newspaper business is hard with the power it holds and the responsibilities that come with it. But the load of putting up a newspaper becomes “lighter” with the people, who work with undying passion and great perseverance — traits that Manila Standard employees have embodied for decades.


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