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Online job platform shares tips to make jobseekers more employable

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The year 2023 is an interesting year for the job market, considering the evolving work environment and the growing demand for hybrid work setups.

As hirers and employees transition to their most optimal work arrangement, the pivot requires candidates to upgrade their skills to stay competitive in the coming year.

With this, leading online job platform JobStreet by SEEK shares skills that will enable candidates to become future-ready, seek better opportunities, and put themselves at an advantage over other talents.

“The world is so unpredictable, we learned that very well with the recent global pandemic that took us all by surprise. As industries evolve, it matters not who is the most skilled in the field, but more so, who can adapt quickly, since trends and demands from different careers change over time, candidates who are in for the challenge and can pivot immediately have a great advantage,” said JobStreet Philippines country manager Philip Gioca.

Hirers are more likely to look for jobseekers who are able to use and work with digital tools and devices. Candidates are encouraged to upgrade their digital skills to unleash more opportunities. Taking free digital courses, increasing online presence, learning emerging digital platforms, and staying updated on tech trends will largely improve the skills of jobseekers.

As businesses adjust to the changes brought by the pandemic, employees are also expected to become more adaptable, which allows them to efficiently embrace and deal with different situations at work.

According to JobStreet, hirers value candidates who are able to adapt to changes in processes and operations, modify plans when necessary, learn new tools and technologies, and welcome new roles and responsibilities.

JobStreet advises candidates to start by embracing team assignments or projects, being active listeners with seniors and colleagues, and having empathy and support in every way possible to help them grow.

More often than not, performing several tasks simultaneously and successfully is a valuable skill sought by hirers. However, mastering how to multitask can be tricky when done the wrong way, especially for people who find it difficult to work in between tasks.

JobStreet suggests jobseekers to list down the tasks, identify the most urgent items, and focus on what’s most important at a time while keeping track of other tasks. Remember to not do multiple challenging tasks at once as it may lead to not accomplishing anything at all.

Time management is also a major skill that contributes to productivity and is desired by many employers. Especially for a hybrid work setup, companies are looking for candidates who can efficiently manage their tasks and deliver quality work according to timelines.

With hybrid work becoming a trend, jobseekers are encouraged to strengthen their interpersonal skills to create meaningful and strong working relationships among colleagues as well as improves the productivity and morale of the entire team.

“With hybrid working becoming normalized, we are expecting more hirers to look for talents who already have and are open to learning both hard and soft skills that are relevant to their industry. We hope to inspire more candidates to seek better opportunities by also acquiring new knowledge and improving their skill set,” Gioca said.


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