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Celebrated female visual artist joins Philippine Navy as reservist

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Kristine Lim, otherwise known as the celebrated Artist on a Mission, is now part of the Philippine Navy as a reserve officer, assigned to the Civil Military Operations Group (CMOG). 

Artist on a Mission Kristine Lim is grateful for the opportunity to join the Philippine Navy

The visual artist shared her latest “mission” on Facebook where she wrote an inspiring message.

“Sundalo na ako!,” she said in her social media post. “Our morning started with heavy rain, but it got worse as our program commenced and proceeded. We all stood under the typhoon yesterday for our graduation at Marine Base’s General Gregorio Lim Camp, Ternate, Cavite.”

“It was the first time I experienced a ceremony where participants were drenched yet unfazed no matter how hard the wind blew. Still, it also proved that it was a special occasion for individuals who have just experienced another transformation in their lives and can now proudly say that they are no longer the same. Guests and even ourselves, the graduates, were reminded that no typhoon could put a good soldier down! It was like God’s poetic message for all of us. Unforgettable. Meaningful,” she went on.

Lim is looking forward to going beyond her current comfort zone and seeing what she can still do to serve her country

Lim narrated how they stood their ground without moving or complaining.

“As soldiers, why would we? Others are experiencing far worse right now. I pray that soon I’ll be able to do more. I know I can do more,” she stated.

Currently officially ranked as CMO2 PN (Res) of the Philippine Navy Civil Military Operations Group, Lim is looking forward to going beyond her current comfort zone and seeing what she can still do to serve her family, loved ones, and fellow Filipinos better. 

Proud members of the Philippine Navy

BGEN Joseph S. Cuison PN (M), Commander, Naval Reserve Command, served as the presiding officer during the program. Participants included Capt. Teodoro A. Bolanio PN (GSC), CNRCen-NCR, LCDR Reimon T. Retaga PN, DCNRcen-NCR, other officers, and members of the unit personnel of NRCen- NCR and NFR-NCR NGR’s reservists.

Among the known personalities who graduated alongside Lim were radio DJ Megan Sebastian-Du, sports newscaster Patricia Hizon, actor Jason Abalos and his wife, beauty queen Vickie Rushton, and former basketball player and heartthrob Vince Hizon, who is part of the Philippine Navy Reserve.


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