5 staycation ideas when in Metro Manila


In the age of fast-paced urban living, everybody deserves to take a break. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to go far to rest and relax the way you deserve to. If heading out of town isn’t a feasible option and you just want to have a breather, you should consider going on a staycation to help you get the change of pace you need.

Whether you want to chill at an urban oasis, relax with the city skyline as your backdrop, or simply do nothing at home, there are plenty of ways to have a luxurious break even if long travels aren’t a realistic option at the moment. Just because you’re smack in the middle of a concrete jungle doesn’t mean you can’t get the rejuvenation you need to power through another day. In this article, we’ll be giving you some tips on how to have that much-needed downtime without having an extravagant, long-distance getaway.

Stay at a Hotel

Staying at a hotel allows you to have a break from your responsibilities and experience the finer things in life. If you’re planning to book a hotel soon, consider those with amenities like a pool or spa so you can get the feel of a resort getaway without straying too far from the city. At night, you can bask in the breathtaking skyline views which you don’t often get to appreciate during stressful days at work.

A lot of popular luxury hotels are situated in Pasay, where the national airport is located, as well as business centers such as Makati, Taguig, and Ortigas. It’s also an option to check out hotels in Quezon City, which is more of a suburban area but with ample access to the conveniences of major business districts.

Become an Urban Tourist

Being preoccupied with the grind can turn us into strangers to our own cities. Why not give yourself the urban tourist experience and use your staycation to rediscover Metro Manila? For example, you can go on a tour of the capital city and find all the nooks and crannies that contributed to our rich history. Drop by places like Intramuros and Escolta where you can walk through the cobbled streets, admire the colonial-style architecture, and get a refresher on Philippine history.

If you need to cool off but don’t want to spend the day at a mall, you can visit a museum instead. There, you can spend the day traversing through the sprawling halls to take in all sorts of arts and culture. If you’re more of a foodie, you can update your list of go-to restaurants and check out hidden gems that offer mouth-watering cuisine at surprisingly affordable prices.

Turn Your Home into a Glamping Oasis

If you want to get the out-of-town experience without the gastos, you can also turn your home into a glamping paradise. Got a backyard? Pitch a large tent, make some lemonade, and bring out some large pillows so you can chillax amid the cool breeze. And once the day is done, you can bring out a projector and have a movie night under the stars.

The great thing about glamping at home is that you can easily access your own “spa.” Turn up the calming music, infuse some aromatherapy elements, and prepare a nice bubble bath. You can also browse through some ideas online on how to do your own facial or foot soak to take your at-home spa experience even further.

Go on a Day Trip

Even if you’re staying in Metro Manila, you don’t have to limit yourself to its streets. Go on a road trip to nearby touristy areas that are disconnected from the urban sprawl but near enough to the metro, like Antipolo or Tagaytay. That way, you can still have that out-of-town trip and get back to Metro Manila within the day.

Invite People Over

Busy work schedules often leave us with no time to have fun with our loved ones. Perhaps you need the company of your friends and family members to relax and renew your vigor for life. On your holiday, you can plan some fun activities to do with your loved ones at home. Some examples include swapping recipes, playing board games, holding movie marathons, or taking a fun online course together.

But even without activities, you can still make your break a memorable one. Make the most of your staycation by having a “do nothing” day with friends or family. Sometimes, the best way to while away the hours is to catch up with the ones closest to you.

Your Dream Vacation Doesn’t Have to Be Far

Staying within or near city limits doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your need to detach from the world. Regardless of what you choose to do with your staycation time, the most important thing is that you’ll feel refreshed to take on another day. Whether you choose to relax at home or savor the luxuries of a nearby hotel, you should remember that there’s always a way to keep your worries away—even just for a short while.