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Negotiating wet roads

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Driving on rainy days is a hassle especially to the new drivers.

You really need to slow down especially during driving rains in order to “feel” your surroundings. Getting into accidents at this time should be avoided at all cost. Imagine the hassle you and the other parties could create when you get entangled in the middle of the streets full of traffic with the rains pouring so hard.

Majority of the motorists slow down during a downpour simply because of several reasons – they couldn’t see the road ahead clearly, carefully avoiding accidents, they are not that experience in negotiating roads under driving rain, vehicles in front are slowing down too, avoiding potholes that are already filled with waters, flooded streets, and many others.

For this, the general rule is really to slow down and keep your cool, too! If you cannot stand the very slow moving traffic you better look for a mall parking where you can spend time to wait for the rain to stop and the traffic to ease up.

Driving on an ordinary street is different from that on a highway. There is a big difference. You can easily see and differentiate those “men” from the “boys” especially during driving rain and at night on the highway. They make several mistakes that need to be corrected immediately, or else they might think what they are doing is right.

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New drivers tend to slow down when it rains on highways buy never bother to go on the right side even though the traffic is light on that side. They still continue to hug the left lane which is only reserved for overtaking and fast vehicles.

Yes, that is completely wrong. Even while you are driving fast on the left lane, you need to give way to those already at your back by simply veering carefully to your right whenever possible. And that is even if both of you are negotiating the same 100 kph limit on the highway. Under the normal highway rule, again the leftmost lane is for overtaking only.

Another interesting bad habit of many new, and even old, drivers is that of using their hazards when it rains so hard and the visibility is poor. This is wrong since it is very dangerous and you might create a pile-up.

The best thing to do during a driving rain and the visibility is poor is to look for a “bay” where you can park your car and have your hazards on. If you couldn’t find one, slow down towards the inner right lane, open your headlight and continue driving.

Using your hazard lights while driving can create havoc on the road since the other drivers at your back might think that you are already parked and having some trouble, making him veer dangerously to the left or right in order to avoid you and might cause an accident.

Despite the never-ending warnings every now and then, many hard-headed motorists continue to use the hazard lights while driving on a rainy day as if that is the “right way” to be seen while on the road. But that is simply wrong and should be avoided at all cost.

There are so many articles everywhere you can read about the correct driving on the road while it is raining. All you need to do is Google them.

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