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Nexplay, UnionDigital Bank announce partnership

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By Maria Michael Nabaza

Nexplay and UnionDigital Bank announced their exclusive partnership in a press conference last July 28, 2022, expressing their aspirations to provide Filipino gamers with more convenient digital financial services.

Shown here are (from left) Mike Garcia, Chief Finance Officer of UnionDigital Bank; Miguel Bernas, President and Co-Founder of NEXPLAY; Arvie De Vera, CEO and Co-founder of UnionDigital Bank; Gabriel Benito, CEO and Co-founder of NEXPLAY; Mike Singh, Chief Revenue and Lending Officer of UnionDigital Bank; Munmun Nath, Chief Marketing Officer of UnionDigital Bank; Boom Eufemio, Chief Community Officer of UnionDigital Bank.

At the press conference, Nexplay and UnionDigital Bank outlined the purpose of their partnership. Speakers during the event were Miguel Bernas, current President and Co-Founder of Nexplay, Gabriel Paul Benito, current Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Nexplay, and Arvie De Vera, CEO and Co-Founder of UnionDigital Bank.”

UnionDigital Bank is driven to further empower the Philippines’ digital economy. Our partnership with Nexplay allows us to offer our financial services to today’s Filipino gamers, enabling them more by giving access to a digital bank account,” De Vera said in the press conference.

“We are looking forward to this collaboration with Nexplay to propel our higher purpose – Tech-ing Up today’s generation of Filipinos, especially gamers,” he added.

Adoption of digital transactions allowed local gaming to grow significantly. With the amount of money gamers spend on game cosmetics and power-ups, UnionDigital Bank aims to empower Filipino gamers by providing more accessible financial solutions not limited to traditional deposit accounts and debit cards.”Nexplay opens opportunities for us to engage our country’s digital natives in platforms they are quite familiar with: games. This is particularly important if you consider the rise of play-to-earn gaming and content streaming in the Philippines,” De Vera continued.

Nexplay is a Singapore-based company leading the E-sports ecosystem in the region. With Filipino leadership, this premier E-sports ecosystem company is also currently expanding its business in the country.

This E-sports company boasts a 250 million-strong established community of video game enthusiasts, young professional esports athletes, over 400 high-profile content creators, and a solid portfolio of over 200 major companies and clients.

Meanwhile, UnionDigital Bank is a digital bank owned by UnionBank of the Philippines. It is a Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) licensed digital bank that aims to empower the country’s journey towards a fully digital economy.

“For Nexplay, our mission has always been helping gamers succeed. Working with UnionDigital Bank will help crystallize this combined vision of making financial services more accessible to our massive gaming community, our fans, our teams and our talents to enrich their digital experience,” Benito shared.

“Together, we are committed to encouraging greater financial inclusion within the rapidly growing gaming community in the Philippines, especially the next-generation gamers,” he added.

Through this partnership, Nexplay and UnionDigital Bank can lead the Philippine gaming community toward more secure, accessible, and adaptable financial services, especially with today’s new generation of gamers.


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