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Functional, Healthy Dog Treats for Your Dog

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His dog had beautiful fur but it started to look damp and unhealthy. His friend’s dog started to have joint problems. They both gave supplements to their respective dogs –for joint problems and for fur concerns. But it was difficult to give too many supplements to a dog for one medical concern. Pet owners will tell you there are dogs who spit out tablets or simply refuse to be given pills.

Philipp Renner and Tim Michael decided to work together to formulate what they now call supplement treats. Instead of giving two to three pills to their dogs for one medical issue, they give a supplement treat which contains all the supplements needed to address the medical problem.

A blissful day for furbaby Bull and his furmom Audrey with Dr. Shiba treats.

Dr. Shiba, a holistic dog wellness brand founded in the United Kingdom, provides supplement treats that address concerns about the stomach, fur, and stomach. These products are called Happy Tummy, Silky Fur, and Jolly Joints supplements respectively.

The ingredients are all natural, and dogs love the treats, Renner said.

The fur of rescues Mina and Ali became healthier after being given Dr. Shiba Silky Fur treats, said Elena Cruz-Bantigue of Pawssion Project. “Mina’s coat especially grew like cotton around her face, chest, legs and tail. It wasn’t the case when we rescued them,” she said. Ali’s coat is more shiny, she added.

The best thing about these supplement treats, he said, is that it both prevents and cures problems in the joints, fur and stomach.

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At the back of the product, there is a guide on the recommended dosage depending on the weight of the dog.

Benefits of Happy Tummy

“Our mission is to upgrade and enrich the everyday lives of dogs, “ said Renner, Dr. Shiba’s chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder.

“The holistic dog wellness brand is focused on creating functional products tailored to every dog’s needs. The German-formulated dog snacks were co-developed and endorsed by veterinary experts as functional supplements packed into yummy treats. Dr. Shiba is able to offer a healthy and delicious alternative to probiotic supplements for dogs,” he added.

Benefits of Jolly Joints

Dr. Shiba was developed with advice from veterinarians and is endorsed by veterinary experts as “functional supplements packed into yummy treats.”

Dr. Shiba also recently collaborated with Pawssion Project, a non-profit organisation that rescues dogs in need.

”We have always wanted to build a brand that has unique and healthy offers for animal lovers and I feel that we have already touched a good number of dog communities in the Philippines. Now, we want to be on a mission to influence , upgrade, and enrich lives of every dog in the country, whether they are sheltered or waiting to be adopted. My team and I have been keen on pushing forward this advocacy since day 1 and I’m happy that it is coming to life,” said Renner,

Benefits of Silky Fur

“While there is an increase in the number of tortured and homeless yet adopted dogs in the Philippines,

Dr. Shiba and Pawssion Project have decided to focus on the health of dogs in the country ad hope to create a community where caretakers and fur-ents are committed to providing the best supplements available,” Renner said.

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