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Is Robredo plotting something?

“And is it crazy, stupid or evil?”

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The continued mass gathering and protest rallies of the Yellows turned “Pinkos” together with the elements of the Makabayan bloc, front of the communist movement allied with Vice- President Leni Robredo, raises the big question: Are they planning something stupid, crazy or evil?

I never liked Robredo despite the fact that she was discriminated against by President Duterte. That fact that up to now she has not conceded her defeat as a presidential candidate says a lot.

She is truly a very proud person.

If you read Facebook, Robredo continues to tell all her supporters that the fight will continue and her fight has just begun. In fact, there are already mass protests and rallies by her supporters who cannot accept the fact that Marcos won. What strikes me as rather strange is the fact that among those who cannot concede to the fact that a Marcos was chosen by the will of the people by over 16 million votes over Robredo are some bishops, priests, nuns and some Catholic organizations that cannot accept the fact that a Marcos won. Truly, what are they up to – something crazy, stupid, like people power? Pray, tell me. Are the people joining Robredo in the rallies, oblivious of the fact that the election was fairly honest, peaceful and orderly? Whatever happened to the fact that “vox populi” or the voice of the people is “vox dei” or the voice of God?

Indeed, the fight must go on to stop mass false information and falsehood that we, the people elected another Marcos, who the Yellows and the Leftists and Marcos-haters continue to believe that the elder Marcos Sr. was the devil incarnate and that activists, Leftists and the Western Press portrayed that the Martial Law days as the dark pages of Philippine history.

• • • 

If there’s anything the politicians can learn from this election is, it’s the fact that they cannot take pre-election poll surveys for granted.

Despite the continued pre-elections poll surveys by poll surveyors ike Pulse Asia, OCTA, the Manila Bulletin, DZRH, Radio Mindanao Network, Laylo and Publicus that Bongbong and former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio were leading and continued to maintain their lead as candidiaes for President and Vice-President, rivals refused to believe. “That is only poll surveys, “ they say, “and not result of the election” they add. Yes, pre-election poll surveys are not the result of an election, but are snapshots of what the results will be when elections are held. They show the preference of the people at the time they were held.

But when those poll surveys agreed on one thing, that the BBM-Sara tandem had a commanding lead over their rivals, certainly they cannot be all wrong. Not being a statistician, I cannot explain the methodology of poll surveys, but they would not be in business if they were not credible and reliable.

Poll surveys are mandatory for business when they launch a product. They know whether or not a product is acceptable to the people. Thus, in finding out the preferences of people in an election, poll surveys are mandatory. Time and again, poll surveys during the election period of campaigning are essential. A politician or a businessman who contributes to the election kitty of a candidate must know whom to support or not.

And indeed, what poll surveys tell us about the people’s preference for candidates of national or local positions must be believed. If they don’t, they are lost.

• • • 

Another thing that politicians should learn is that there is no substitute for having a geographical combination for President and Vice-President belonging to the Solid North and to the Solid South. Thus, when Inday Sara accepted to be the Vice-President of Bongbong, who was running for President, I said “Tapos na ang boksing.” Game over.

The landslide victory of Bongbong and Sara confirms this when surveys showed that the BBM-Sara tandem became the runaway victors. The tandem from the Solid North and the Solid South, including the Visayas proves the fact that the landslide victory was the will of the people.

• • • 

The most important lesson from the last election is that the Martial Law issue is already dead. Santa Banana, the name Marcos has transformed into something that people admire and respect.

The fact that Bongbong had a landslide victory with a margin of over 16 million votes can only prove that indeed he was cheated of the vice-presidency. Nothing could be clearer than that!

With all reports showing that supporters and volunteers of Robredo are now protesting, the big question that comes to mind is, what are they protesting against? That Marcos is now the presumptive president ? That the people have expressed their will? My gulay, what? Nothing could be more pathetic than what’s going on. Santa Banana, Robredo hasn’t even conceded. It’s for this reason why I fear that Robredo is concocting something desperate and evil.

• • • 

As I write this column, so far only presumptive Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio has been be secretary of Education, and Bongbong’s campaign manager for Metro Manila Benhur Abalos, former chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority, as secretary of Interior and Local Government, have been named.

As DepEd Secretary, Sara fits well like a glove. While teachers have had mixed reactions to the incoming DepEd secretary, as I said earlier, Sara, being a lawyer and former local executive for many years, can meet the challenge as the new DepEd Secretary. I am sure Sara knows quite well that the Department of Education needs reform. Sara knows quite well that it can either break or make her.

As DILG Secretary, I am sure Abalos knows the need for reforms in the Philippine National Police and in local government. It would be no problem for him.

As for the other departments under presumptive president Bongbong, we wait with bated breath. As I said, a new administration needs competent and the best executives because a President can well fail or succeed depending on the kind of alter egos he appoints.

Oh yes, before I forget, it would do well for the Comelec to resolve the petition to disqualify Raffy Tulfo for having been convicted for the crime of libel which carries the element of moral turpitude. This means that the #13 senatorial candidate, former Vice-President Jojo Binay, has a chance to be proclaimed winner in the Senate race.


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