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Monday, March 4, 2024


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“We rest, and then resume our duties as responsible citizens.”

The past few months and especially the past few weeks and days have been difficult. Not only the candidates themselves but the people became caught up in a campaign that has turned personal for many. The season became noisy, exhausting, frustrating.

The election-induced roller coaster of emotions took a toll on Filipinos. Some family relationships and friendships became strained. Social media became a source of animosity.

Now that we are inching closer to the final results, it would do us some good to take a breather.

A lot was at stake in the elections. The threat of COVID-19 may have abated but it is still here. Should a surge happen again, we wonder if we would have learned from the last time, or if we have to grapple with the crisis all over again.

No doubt many things in our country are in dire need of repair. There are enormous challenges in the economy, in education, in the healthcare sector, in the bureaucracy.

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The elections were a tough time but the succeeding weeks and months will be all the more punishing. The public must remain vigilant, but we also need, first and foremost, to care for our physical and mental well-being.

We should take a break if we must, in our exhaustion, jubilation, or sorrow. And then we must resume our duties as responsible citizens by watching what happens in the new administration, and holding officials accountable for their actions—or inaction.

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