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More celebrities show support for Isko in May

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With the May 9 elections just around the corner, the growing list of celebrities and social media influencers endorsing the presidential bid of Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso have become more vocal in calling on the electorate to vote for the Aksyon Demokratiko standard bearer, saying he is the right man to lead the Philippines towards a better future.

These include social media influencer Bryan Cristobal, better known as Banat By; musician Jimmy Bondoc; singer-songwriter Quest; Jay Manalo; and Billy Joe Crawford.

Other celebrities such as Lou Veloso, Rez Cortes, Mikee Quintos, Aljur Abrenica, Pio Balbuena, Charlie Fry, singer-comedian-host KitKat, actress and StarStuck finalist Diva Montelaba, and social media influencer KimShy Moves, among others, have also expressed full support for Moreno’s presidential bid.

Cristobal, who was once a big basher of Moreno and was initially close to the camp of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., said he is now urging people to vote for Moreno because his leadership, vision, and many accomplishments in Manila speaks to the character of the man needed to lead the country.

“We have really seen the change in Manila. Very humble mom. Yorme’s character is very different from other candidates. When it comes to voting, tell your relative, we are there with the real public servant. That is Yorme, there is no one else. We can see that in Manila,” he said.

Bondoc, who also admitted to have switched to Mayor Isko, said a lot of deep thinking and long prayers made him realize that Moreno is the most-worthy candidate to be the next President of the Republic.

“I thought about who really deserves. After so much prayer, I realized, only Isko deserves to be the president of the Philippines,” he said.

Bondoc thus urged the Isko faithful not to be intimidated by the bullying tactics employed by the camps of Marcos Jr. and Robredo, saying it is now time for them to shout out loud their chosen candidate.

Manalo said voters should choose Mayor Isko because the former scavenger-turned public servant is the only one with the real heart for the masses.

Crawford said he is rallying behind Mayor Isko because he wanted real change, not just in words, but also in action.

Award-winning veteran actress and Deputy House Speaker Vilma Santos-Recto was among the earliest celebrity to support Moreno’s presidential bid, saying she saw mayor Isko’s “focus and sincerity as a leader” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Actress Vivian Velez, who heads the Isko Tayo Coalition said “it is no-brainer for us to choose Isko because we think he is the best candidate for president.” Velez said.

Mocha Uson also praised Mayor Isko as “a man of action who has the proven ability to lead and fulfill his promises to the people.”

Actress, commercial model, and former host of GMA Network Arianne Bautista said she witnessed first-hand Domagoso’s hard work in bringing change to the City of Manila despite his short term as mayor.

Model and host Christine Samson, on the other hand, said she believes the incumbent Manila mayor is the best man for the job owing to his background, success story rising from poverty and his sincerity in serving the poor.


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