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The Super Team is here to save the day: McKupler Inc. debuts Mobil Super™ Series products locally

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Manila, Philippines — With the soaring prices of gasoline and the intense driving conditions here in the Philippines, fuel efficiency seems far-fetched for Filipino car owners. But with the development of new and improved car engine oils, Mobil is here to save the day.

From the makers of Mobil 1™, a new and improved range of Super™ products are launched today to deliver optimal engine performance, improve productivity, and enhance fuel efficiency in the Philippines.

“Super means something that exceeds your expectation in terms of lubricant innovation and consistency in delivering quality service. Super, which means putting the automobile needs of society first, giving an exceptional and customer-first experience. Today, a new product range with superior in quality is here for you– one that will help you stay on top of your priorities and give your vehicles and your families the protection they deserve,” said McKupler Inc. President Efren D. Marquez.

The Mobil Super™ Series is made up of engine oil variants, namely Super 3000™ All-In-One Protection, Super 2000™ Friction Fighter, and Super 1000™ Everyday Protection. Each product is armed with superpowers, making it easier for car owners to take care of their vehicles while taking advantage of Mobil’s world-class technology.

Get more for less with Mobil Super 3000™ All-In-One Protection

Tailored for smoother acceleration, the first member of the all-new Super Team is Mobil Super 3000™ All-In-One Protection– a fully synthetic engine oil suitable but not limited to newer Japanese and Korean gasoline engines that can give motorists a smoother acceleration and mileage benefit up to 10,000 kilometers.

Formulated with Heat Activated Anti-Wear Molecule, Mobil Super 3000™ All-In-One Protection will protect engines from high-temperature wear while keeping them clean. This latest addition to the Mobil Super™ engine oil lineup also meets the API SP and ILSAC GF-6A standards and is known to deliver superior fuel economy, better engine wear protection and cleanliness, and reduced low-speed pre-ignition damage in modern turbocharged engines.

Get excellent protection with Mobil Super 2000™ Friction Fighter

Just like the Super 3000™ All-In-One-Protection, the new Mobil Super 2000™ Friction Fighter is a premium semi-synthetic engine oil formulated with Friction Fighter™ molecules. These particles, according to Mobil, create a solid protective layer that cushions the impact when engine parts come in contact, protecting the engine against life-shortening wear.

“There are products in the market that cannot handle the harsh driving conditions that we have here in the Philippines. But because the Mobil Super 2000™ Friction Fighter has been formulated to support our car engines to manage harsh driving conditions, we can be confident that our cars are protected. Stop and go driving? Highway cruising? High-performance engines? Normal to severe operating conditions? Mobil Super 2000™ Friction Fighter’s got your back!” Jackson Uy said, CCO of McKupler Inc.

The Mobil Super 2000™ Friction Fighter is designed to provide an excellent level of protection and performance for cars. They are suitable for nearly all engine technologies in both gasoline and diesel passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, and vans. Engineered to give motorists the confidence of protection beyond that of conventional oils, Super 2000™ Friction Fighter is industry proven so you can trust you will get the performance you want from your vehicle at an affordable price. Plus, you can get enhanced engine wear protection up to 7,500 kilometers!

Go the extra mile daily with Super 1000™ Everyday Protection

A superhero that will give you daily protection, Super 1000™ Everyday Protection is last but not the least among the Super Series.

This premium mineral engine oil is formulated with the ‘ExtEngine™’ molecule – an age-defying, anti-wear ingredient that reacts to engine-damaging stress by creating a long-lasting protective barrier to extend engine life.

“The more that we drive our cars, the more that they age, leading to reduced performance or breakdowns. But if your engine oil has ExtEngine like Mobil Super 1000™ Everyday Protection, you can slow down your car’s aging process,” said Engr. Jerome Dela Cruz, General Manager for Engineering Services of McKupler Inc.

The Mobil Super 1000™ Everyday Protection is recommended for less stressful driving conditions and can provide good everyday protection, extended engine life, and optimized performance of up to 6,000 km.

The Super Team to save your day!

Mobil’s all-new Super Team has been meticulously engineered for today’s ever-evolving engine needs. “With the Super Team, Filipinos can keep their cars in good running condition while ensuring that their family is protected along the way, all for a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket,” added Erlene Dasanayaka, CEO of McKupler Inc.

Mobil Super™ is from the maker of Mobil 1™, benefitting from 150 years of proven experience, technology, and performance in lubricant technology.  The Mobil Super™ Series products are distributed by its exclusive distributor, McKupler, Inc. To know more about the Super™ Team, visit their website and Facebook


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