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Bela Padilla reunites with Zanjoe Marudo in romance drama ‘366’

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Bela Padilla and Zanjoe Marudo were once linked romantically when they did the Kapamilya soap Dear Heart some five years ago but they didn’t end up in a relationship. 

Zanjoe Marudo (left) is Bela Padilla’s leading man in ‘366,’ which is also Bela’s directorial debut

Last year, Zanjoe accepted the offer to be Bela’s leading man in the movie 366, which also serves as the actress’s directorial debut. It’s clear that he isn’t affected by their past issue.

“First of all, I liked the script which she also wrote,” he stated. “It was our first time to work together on a film and I didn’t pass up the opportunity. It wasn’t right to refuse the project just because you have a past issue. Personally, I didn’t feel anything when the role was offered to me. In fact, I was very excited to discuss the story and my character with Bela.”

The Broken Marriage Vow actor has only good words for his leading lady and director at the same time.

“Bela knows what to do even if it’s her maiden directorial job. She has a firm stance. She also did well as the lead actress. It’s amazing to watch her!”

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Zanjoe is in awe of how Bela ran the set.

“On the set, you won’t hear people screaming. Everything’s calm and peaceful. It felt good to be part of a group of artists who are intelligent and creative. I am really proud to be part of Bela’s first project as a director.

“She’s easy to work and deal with. She knows what she wants and needs. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s really nice that she has a firm stance in making movies.”

Asked if he also wants to dabble into directing potboilers someday, the appealing actor said:

“If ever I decide to plunge into directing in the future, first, I must possess Bela’s bravery. I should have the courage to start. You should be fearless. That’s what I saw in Bela. You must overcome the fear that people might not like your offering. 

“But at this point, I want to focus on doing projects that are edgy, those that I haven’t done yet in the past!”

• • •

 In the virtual media con for their Viva movie titled, Habangbuhay, McCoy de Leon averred that his relationship with partner Elisse Joson is for keeps.

“Yes, like the title of our film, it’s really for life. I thank the Lord for the many blessings He showered me with at this point: I have work.  I have a happy family so I’m so much happy!”

According to the good-looking lad, his partner hasn’t exhibited any changes in her attitude from the time that she was still single until now that they have a baby.

“For one, Elisse wants the best for her family. She wants everyone to be happy and wants to share her time with all of them. She doesn’t want that there’s someone who’s left behind. It’s the same Elisse that I see as my girlfriend then and as a mother now. She’s so perfect as a mom to our daughter Felize and I’m so grateful for that!”

Many ask when they would tie the knot.

Elisse Joson (left) and McCoy de Leon

“Actually, it’s a perennial question being thrown at us by our relatives and friends. We don’t want to be put under pressure. We know in ourselves when that time will come. For now, we just want to explore each other more. It’s exciting to discover new things about each other. We just don’t want to rush things,” ended McCoy. 

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