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Kris Bernal still thankful despite not being an exclusive talent

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Actress Kris Bernal is grateful that despite the fact that she is no longer an exclusive contract star of Sparkle (formerly GMA Artist Center), the management still entrusted her to be one of the main leads in its latest afternoon soap offering, Artikulo 247.

In a recent press conference for the series, Kris acknowledged GMA’s generosity for allowing her to come back to her original home studio and to be given a “wonderful and important role.”

In contrast to her previous roles though, the petite actress is playing the role of the villain in her new soap.

Kris Bernal

“This is definitely a first in my career. I played a somewhat similar character in Impostora before but I can say that this is more difficult for me. There are emotions which I was surprised I can do in this series,” she started.

“There are emotions which I was able to exhibit here which I haven’t done yet in my past programs. Perhaps, it’s because I’m used to portraying goody-goody characters. I’m always the oppressed heroine,” she went on.

Kris thanks her husband Perry Choi for always being supportive of her career and the things she enjoys as an artist.

“I’m blessed that my husband understands my craft. Imagine, we didn’t see each other for a long time because I went to our lock-in taping.

Actually, as I counted, my kissing scenes with my leading men are many as compared to him,” she said in jest.

“But kidding aside, my husband doesn’t meddle with my work and I’m lucky in that aspect. As for me, I just follow what the director tells me to do. As long as the production approved it, I will do it. I’m easy to talk to.” 

The StarStruck Season 4 alumnus also expresses her being happy to be working with her co-stars in her new show. In Artikulo 247, she stars with Mark Herras, Mike Tan, Benjamin Alves, Victor Silayan, and Rhian Ramos. 

“It’s a wonderful experience working with them. We have a fun set,” she ended.


It’s confirmed that dancer-choreographer DJ Loonyo will enter the acting field. He will be part of the TV5 television series Niña Niño top-billed by Maja Salvador.

“Well, before, I could picture this in mind already. As you can see, dancing and acting are related fields. Especially in contemporary dancing, you need to act. So, when I learned that I was given the chance in Niña Niño, I was very happy! It’s a new challenge for me to try this new department. I know that it will contribute to my growth as an artist and will open more doors for me.”

Does this mean he will leave dancing already?

“That’s not possible! I’m going to dance forever!” assured DJ Loonyo.   


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