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A gripping legal drama 

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Television director Jorron Lee Monroy summarizes Artikulo 247 in three words: crime, passion, and retribution. 

The series, which took eight months before it could finally take off from when it was originally scheduled,  is an unconventional, suspense thriller series starring Rhian Ramos, Mark Herras, Benjamin Alves, Chris Bernal, and Mike Tan. 

“Artikulo 247 after all is a crime series—in case the title does not give it away just yet. But as we developed the look, the cinematography and treatment, the interpretation of the material has also evolved. Decidedly, we took it into the campier side of storytelling,” Monroy said in an Instagram post.  

Jorron Lee Monroy (third from right) with the cast of ‘Artikulo 247’

“In the shoot process, I tried to master the art of bitch slaps, hair pulling, and water catfights. And some man brawls, too. Yet with all the turns and mishaps, this project faced, for the first time in my entire career, a series title remains unchanged from its concept paper up until the on-air premiere,” he added.  

A repealed law under the Revised Penal Code, Article 247 states that “any legally married person who having surprised his spouse in the act of committing sexual intercourse with another person, shall kill any of them or both of them in the act or immediately thereafter, or shall inflict upon them any serious physical injury, shall suffer the penalty of destierro (banishment).”

The series showcases the emotional journey of a woman who bravely moves on from her past entanglement with her boss and his wife. But soon enough, her past slowly creeps in and catches up with her peaceful life.

In the series, Rhian Ramos is Jane Ortega, an aspiring career woman who will get involved with a married man; Benjamin Alves is Noah Borromeo, a principled man who is also recovering from a lost love like Jane. As their paths cross, they will build a new life together and help each other on the road to healing.

Rhian Ramos, Kris Bernal, Benjamin Alves, Mike Tan, and Mark Herras

Kris Bernal plays Klaire Almazan/Carmen Villarama, the cunning and manipulative wife who catches her cheating husband and ends up killing him; and Mark Herras gets to showcase his range as he steps into a more mature role as Ellijah Borromeo, the perfect son and brother of Noah who will fall madly in love with Carmen.

Bringing more color and controversy to the series are Mike Tan as Julian, Klaire’s longtime lover who’s also a master manipulator and the brain behind her schemes; Glydel Mercado as Rose Ortega, the supportive mother of Jane;  Maureen Larrazabal as Pinky, Rose’s friend and business partner; Denise Barbacena as ChiChi, Carmen’s right-hand woman; Brent Valdez as Jigs, the friendly bartender in the resort; Victor Silayan as Alfred, Klaire’s husband who will have an affair with Jane; Rain Matienzo as Tanya, Jane’s best friend;  Topper Fabregas as Atty. Marcel, Jane’s lawyer and family friend. 

“When I finally set the names of the actors giving life to the characters, I felt relieved and excited that I will be spending the next four months (or possibly more) with them, collaborating and creating this peculiar story,” Monroy stated. 

Artikulo 247 premieres today after Little Princess on GMA.  


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