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Motolite Excel DIN: Better priced, designed for PH weather

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Motolite has introduced in the market its Excel DIN-size batteries that are particularly designed for Philippine weather and road conditions, giving European car owners a better-priced yet very reliable alternative when they replace their imported batteries.

The Motolite Excel DIN (short for Deutsches Institutfür Normung or German Industrial Standard) is guaranteed to last up to 70% longer compared to other batteries due to its solid German engineering.

DIN-size batteries are mostly fit for European vehicles, although there are already some Japanese, Korean, American, and Chinese cars that are powered by this battery type. Most car manufacturers, including Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet, are now shifting to DIN sizes.

The Excel DIN is highly recommended for vehicles such as Audi Q5 with start-stop, BMW 1 Series with start-stop, Volkswagen TS Multivan, Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI, Passat 2.0, and CC 2.0 TDi – among others.

Motolite also improved other features like the reinforced upper frame to make it more robust against grid growth and corrosion and rounded edges to avoid instances of sudden internal short circuits. It has an optimized wire design that lowers electrical resistance and improves current distribution. It also has product-specific container ribs for better resistance to vibration and redesigned element rests for effective channeling of plate residues in the course of battery use.

The Excel DIN is currently available in select Motolite outlets in these sizes: DIN44, DIN55/R, DIN66/ R, DIN55/H, DIN66/H, DIN77, DIN77/H, and DIN88.

Visit also Motolite’s official website for inquiries and to learn more about Motolite’s products and services, especially the Motolite Res-Q, the country’s only mobile application that offers free roadside assistance for flat tires, overheating, emergency fuel, and battery replacement.


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