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Find a home where you and your loved ones can thrive at Commonwealth by Century

A Space for Everyone

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While some have joined the move to the province to start anew, there are those who can’t seem to let go of city living, choosing instead to look for an ideal place to live in in these unprecedented times.

Given the changes brought about by the pandemic, finding a home is no longer just limited to being on the lookout for a property that suits your budget and lifestyle. These days, having an address that makes it easier for you to move around the city and get access to life’s essentials are big pluses, more so if it makes you feel excited to come home every day.

The Suite Unit allows you to create a home workspace and sleeping area, but its balcony can give you a unique al fresco dining experience.

If you’re longing for a welcome change and ready to invest in a space, The Residences at Commonwealth by Century in Quezon City just might be the ideal place you’re looking for. On track toward completion of its eighth and final tower, Quezon South, the expansive gated community is perfect for settling down—whether you’re a young professional living independently or a small family ready for new beginnings.

A space for independent living

One of the best things about Commonwealth by Century is that each unit is move-in ready. Turned over with quality finishes and inclusions like a rangehood, a cooktop, and laminated cabinets—all you need to do is personalize and make it your own.

A suite, or the property’s studio unit, is the practical choice if you’re living alone and would like to savor the freedom of having a space that’s yours. From carving out a workspace to creating a comfy sleeping area—you can make a home by maximizing the available floorspace. The usable balcony, one of Commonwealth by Century’s distinct features, can be transformed into an al fresco dining space or an extension of the living area, too.

Achieve a soothing vibe using natural materials and pastels in a One-Bedroom Unit.

Looking for inspo? Designed by interior design studio MORFOSIS, a suite can be turned into a streetwear culture-inspired space completed with a workspace, a sleeping area, and clever storage solutions. Pairing tried-and-tested hacks with striking pieces can turn the unit into a picture-perfect home.

A space for celebrating achievements

It’s no secret that owning a home is a milestone and a worthy investment. Singles and young professionals who need more space would find a one-bedroom unit just right, especially if they are moving in with a furry companion. Since Commonwealth by Century is pet-friendly, even your pet kids will feel at home in the property.

Looking for inspo? Styled by interior stylist Julienne Cruz, the one-bedroom unit pictured above can have a Boho-chic aesthetic, a look that’s popular with millennials these days. Making use of natural materials and pastel colors, Julienne was able to create a welcoming home with a soothing vibe which is a treat in these trying times.

The Two Bedroom Unit is perfect for families eager to mark milestones.

A space where families thrive

Who says families can’t live comfortably in a condo unit? A two-bedroom unit is just right for a small family who is eager to mark more milestones in their own home. The parents can give their child or children the luxury of having their own room while the rest of the space can be dressed up into a sleek yet inviting abode that mirrors the owners’ personalities.

Looking for inspo? When it comes to styling a family home, couples sometimes reach an impasse—especially if they love different styles. Julienne’s solution? Going for a modern aesthetic that’s androgynous and still cozy. By using a mix of black, white, gray, and metallic touches, she’s able to create a contemporary space for a family completed with streamlined furniture pieces.

A space where you can stay inspired and have peace of mind

Aside from offering flexible units with usable balconies that enable homeowners to live the life they’ve always wanted, Commonwealth by Century also takes pride in its family-friendly amenities that complement just about any passion —whether it’s cooking, making music, dabbling into arts, or staying active.

Create a contemporary space by mixing black, white, gray, and metallic touches.

Its open spaces—a welcome sight in the middle of the city—can help tune out the hustle and bustle outside so you can get the Zen you deserve. And speaking of Zen, homeowners can also count on the property’s 24/7 security and reliable property management services that make condo living worth it.

As malls, hospitals, and transportation options are just a few minutes away from its location in Don Antonio Drive Quezon City, Commonwealth by Century makes navigating life in these trying times more convenient. Here, you don’t simply move in, you can make a home.

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