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Ryan Bang and Yeng Constantino 

Many hearts undoubtedly ached when the actor and singer divulged their romantic past and how Ryan inspired Yeng’s song “B.A.B.A.Y.” Ryan wooed the singer a decade ago, but he suddenly ghosted her because he thought Yeng wasn’t interested in him. Yeng felt dejected, especially since she felt kilig from Ryan’s efforts. Guess the one that got away wouldn’t have gotten away if there was just proper communication. At least Yeng and Ryan got the closure they needed.

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Enchong Dee

While we are always reminded to think before we click and share, and avoid grandstanding when something suddenly became viral online, some people still fall into this trap probably because they just wanted to stay relevant all the time. Case in point, Enchong took to social media to criticize a partylist representative only to delete it upon learning that he made a blunder. While he decided to face this situation head-on, the public still remains torn on whether or not he deserved the cyber libel case filed against him. And as we wait for any development, there’s a key takeaway that Enchong must swallow: important lessons don’t come cheap, sometimes they are worth P1 billion.


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