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New Motolite Excel EFB – the perfect battery for “start-stop” vehicles

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Motolite, a trusted brand that has been giving quality products and services to Filipino motorists since 1919, now offers a better-priced alternative to imported batteries specifically engineered for vehicles with auto start-stop systems.

Keeping pace with the global advancement in the automotive battery industry, Motolite recently launched the Excel Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB).

Aside from “start-stop” vehicles, the Excel EFB can also be used to power ordinary vehicles, which can last up to 70 percent longer than other automotive batteries.

The release of the Excel EFB is part of Motolite’s commitment to providing car battery solutions of all types to Filipino motorists.

The Motolite Excel EFB is much more affordable than its imported counterparts, but still guarantees motorists optimum performance with its German technology and engineering suited for Philippine climate and road conditions.

The Excel EFB is designed to have low-type plates that give more headspace for acid and keep the battery temperature lower, allowing a longer battery life. It also features enveloped positive plates to prevent deep discharges and thick cast positive plate grids for better resistance against corrosion. The batteries also feature glass mat separators for an improved battery cycle, and full-bordered negative plate grids that make it less prone to internal short circuits.

For optimal balance between electrical capacity and endurance, it has a reformulated paste and a special electrolyte additive that prevents shorts due to deep discharges and slows down self-discharge. Another amazing feature of the Excel EFB is the optimized wire design that lowers electrical resistance and improves current distribution.

Aside from the more common lead-acid batteries, Motolite has already introduced specialized batteries for diesel-powered vehicles that need long-lasting performance; Solar Master batteries for solar installations; the Sea Master batteries for marine vessels; as well as Truck Master industrial batteries for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses – among many others. To see the complete line-up of Motolite batteries and its services, visit


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