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Saturday, June 22, 2024

For heaven’s sake, move on!

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Some people just cannot accept the reality and bear the pain of defeat in last election.

They cannot accept the fact that the people want real change because past administrations have failed to bring the promised reforms and bring at least a semblance of economic prosperity to this country and its people.

The poor performance of the Smartmatic automated election system (AES) is bad as it is, even as the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is poised to proclaim officially the 12 winners in the midterm senatorial race as of this writing. 

True, the Comelec must come clean and explain the delays in transmission of unofficial counts to the transparency servers.

But the sore losers, the Liberal Party (LP) and the "traditional party-list" ranks, are in a state of denial, and are now resorting to exaggerations and the usual black propaganda and Yellow journalism to discredit what actually was a peaceful, orderly and clean elections despite the glitches.

Unfortunately for the Yellows, the extremist leftist militant groups and other rabid critics of President Duterte and his administration, the results of the elections did not turn out according to their dictations. 

They are those who profess "pro-people platforms," holier than thou attitudes, as if they have a monopoly of capability of rendering public service.

There is no evidence of fraud or cheating like the massive irregularities in the past. Even some Opposition candidates like election lawyer Romy Macalintal acknowledged that. 

So no one can say that the Yellows just got “a dose of their own medicine,” rendering the Otso Diretso zero Senate seat in the incoming 18th Congress.

I guess the people are just tired of empty promises by the liberals and those left-leaning party-list groups. 

Yet, all the troubles rooted in Smartmatic legacy of the Noynoy Aquino administration are the issues now used by critics and detractors of the Duterte government in their plea to nullify Monday’s exercise altogether. 

These desperados want no less than "a failure of election" declared. Such nonsense and irrelevant cries.

The attack dogs are at it again but we know better. The May 13 polls, as it is said, is a referendum and the Duterte administration prevailed in a landslide win.

The nation through the electorate has voted for real change, and we are midway through building and strengthening the foundations for a better life in the near future.

So let’s all move on and work together to make this country a better place to live for our children.

And to those who can’t accept defeat, there will always be an election every three years. Better luck next time.


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