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Inventor names new e-firecracker after Mocha

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Filipino inventor Francisco Pagayon named a new model of his electronic firecrackers after former assistant secretary Mocha Uson.

Pagayon, the president of Filipino Inventors Society Producers Cooperative, said he named the new version of his safe but loud e-firecrackers after Uson, after the latter challenged him to come up with something that suits her personality.

Pagayon’s e-firecrackers include “Digong” which was named after President Rodrigo Duterte, “Bato” after former Philippine National Police chief Ronald dela Rosa, “Trump” after US president Donald Trump and “Boy” for Science and Technology  Secretary Fortunato dela Pena who is supportive of the Filipino inventor-entrepreneurs.

electronic firecrackers
Filipino Inventors Society Producers Cooperative president Francisco Pagayon explains to former assistant secretary Mocha Uson how electronic firecrackers work.

Pagayon said what makes “Mocha” e-fire different is the control pad which needs to be shaken to speed up the cadence of the loud blasts.

He said the new model also gives off a wailing whistle, similar to the traditional “whistle bomb” firecracker.

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Pagayon promotes the use of cannon-type electric firecrackers on New Year’s Eve, after the president signed Executive Order No. 28 in June 2017 limiting the use of traditional firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices.

Pagayon said e-firecrackers are safer and can be used indoors.  They are made up of electronics that load electricity to produce loud sounds, similar to the explosion of piccolo firecrackers but much louder.

He said e-firecrackers do not emit black smoke unlike the traditional firecrackers.  He said they could also be stored after the New Year celebration for use in the next festivities.

The “Mocha” and the four other models of e-firecrackers are available at the FISPC OneStore Hub at the ground floor of Delta Building along Quezon Ave. corner West Ave. in Quezon City.

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