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‘31.92-million Pinoys not covered by P25 wage hike’

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About 31.92-million Filipinos who are informal workers, or taxi/jeepney/tricycle/padyak drivers, laundry women, fishball vendors, etc. are not covered by the P25 minimum daily wage increase, said Liberal Party president Senator Francis Pangilinan.

Pangilinan said that due to exceptions such as those for companies with fewer than 10 employees, and because the wage hike covers only Metro Manila, less than 6.76 million Filipinos will earn P537 per day.

“We need a more comprehensive view on income, in relation to poverty and hunger. How much does a family need to live in dignity? “he said.

According to Partido Manggagawa, for a Filipino family of 6 to eat 3 times a day, have shelter, send children to school, and meet their needs, daily earnings should be P1,300.

Even with two breadwinners in the family earning minimum wage, this is still wanting.

“This is why the government doubled the income of the lowest ranking police officer, soldier, and jail officer. Starting January this year, the salary of a Police Officer 1 has been P29,668 per month, or more than double the income of minimum wage earners of P13,425 per month (if work is 25 days).’’ 

According to Pangilinan, the economic boom only trickled down to regular workers.

Now that the economy seems going downhill, he asked “where can minimum wage earners turn to? The taxi drivers? fishball vendors?” 


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