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Edgar Allan and Kim defend their love from ‘engkanto’ in Wagas

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Kapuso stars Edgar Allan Guzman and Kim Rodriguez banner an interestingly mysterious love story in Wagas today.

Edgar Allan and Kim defend their love from ‘engkanto’ in Wagas
In the latest episode of 'Wagas,' the show tackles an out of this world story featuring an 'engkanto' falling for a human

Trying to win the heart of someone you love is difficult enough when you have competition. But the playing field becomes more challenging when your rival turns out to be an “engkanto”—or a mythical environmental spirit. 

For Daniela (Kim) and Vincent (Edgar), nothing can equal the love they have for each other—they are happy and content with their relationship. 

But things begin to change the moment Daniela have these frequent nightmares. It seems that an “engkanto” has fallen in love with Daniela and he is so smitten with Vincent’s girlfriend that he would do anything to have her. The couple’s once peaceful life is now being threatened by this “engkanto.”

How will Daniela and Vincent fight such formidable force? Will the “engkanto” succeed in ruining the couple’s relationship? 

Don’t miss “Ang Karibal” in Wagas tonight at 7 o’clock on GMA News TV.


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