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Klaudia Koronel misses showbiz

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One time sexy star Klaudia Koronel is in town after years of self-imposed exile in the US. She married a Chinese American she met in Manila but recently got divorced.

We met the still very pretty Klaudia for lunch at a restaurant in Quezon City recently where she talked about her plans while in Manila and why she can’t stay long even if she wanted to.

“I’m here only for a couple of months,” she said. “I just came to dispose of some properties my former husband and I invested in (as part of the divorce settlement). But I have to go back to the US.”

Her application to become a US citizen might just be approved sooner than she thinks, so she needs to be there when it happens.

Even so, many of her friends and fans are glad she came home, even for a while. “I miss my family and friends terribly. Of course I miss show business. I’d like to make a comeback but my schedule is so tight I can’t find time to make showbiz a full-time concern.”

Klaudia Koronel misses showbiz
Former sexy actress Klaudia Koronel 

Klaudia managed a facility for seniors and the sick while she was in the US and before she and her husband were divorced. Now, she works as a nursing assistant.

“I am now in California. I used to live in Arizona with my husband, but after the divorce I had to move to California.

While here, she was invited to make guest appearances in Mars on GMA News TV and two other shows on Net 25.

Sources close to this writer said that two competing shows of the same format are interested in the life story of the former sexy star to be developed as an episode on the weekly drama show.

She said that both want her to appear as herself in the episode either of the two would develop. So far, Klaudia hasn’t said which show she’d appropriate her life story to.

When Klaudia left Manila for the US, there had been rumors the sexy star lived a miserable life. She only laughed when she recalled hearing those stories. “Ridiculous!” she remarked and laughed. “How could that be when I was managing a Home Care business in the US?”

She came home to attend to some properties she was able to invest in with her earnings as a movie star, apart from the conjugal properties she and her ex-husband have.

“I sold a condominium unit in BGC. I felt bad because it was my favorite. It was just behind St. Luke’s and near Shangri-La and other establishments. I needed to dispose of it ASAP because we couldn’t look after it anymore. We leased it but we decided to let go of it.”

Klaudia also visited the other properties she has in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Manila and Quezon City.

“I left in 2010, so whatever those properties earned it was enough for my daughter.

She also has properties in San Pablo, Laguna and Iloilo. “I don’t have problems with those but sometimes those that lease them leave with unpaid utility bills.”

When her citizenship has been finalized, Klaudia may be able to decide to make a comeback in Philippine show business. That will make her fans happier than glad.

Miss Universe Ecuador brings smiles to Smile Train patients

The world’s leading cleft charity, recently welcomed Miss Universe Ecuador, Virginia Limongi, as she visited patients under the care of Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation of the Philippines, Inc., a Smile Train partner.    

Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation of the Philippines has been a long time partner of Smile Train, providing comprehensive cleft and craniofacial treatment and care for patients. During Limongi’s visit, she learned about the importance of comprehensive cleft care such as pre-surgical orthodontics that helps prepare babies for surgery. She also witnessed how speech therapy is conducted for children and adults who have had cleft palate surgery. 

 “More than spreading the word on Smile Train is being able to educate the public on proper cleft care both before and after surgery,” said Kimmy Coseteng-Flaviano, Smile Train’s Area Director for Southeast Asia. “We are excited to have Virginia learn about the processes involved for these children in order to spread more awareness for the public.” 

For more information visit Follow Smile Train on Twitter and Instagram @SmileTrainPh, and like us on Facebook at @SmileTrainPhilippines.


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