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Monday, July 15, 2024


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Assistant Secretary for Communications Margaux Uson has apologized for her latest infraction. This time, she and her friend, Andrew Olivar, were making fun of sign language. In a video, Uson is seen and heard giggling as Olivar made gestures that mimicked those of a hearing-impaired person.


A contrite Uson, in a video on her social media page, said she was taking full responsibility for her friend’s actions. The friend, Olivar, said he knew he was wrong and would not even attempt to explain his actions.

The apologies were likely spurred by widespread condemnation of their acts. A senator slammed Uson for mocking sign language and said she had violated the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons.

The deaf community also made known its displeasure at Uson and Olivar for their insensitive act. Some even said the video reminded them of the times they were bullied. Some were worried that it would set a bad example that the deaf could be objects of amusement.

This is not the first time that Uson, a public official collecting a salary paid for by taxpayers, misused her office to occasion divisiveness among Filipinos and alienate them from the Executive when it is her job to do otherwise.

That gaffes have become synonymous to the Presidential Communications Operations Office, and it does not help that it appears to operate unabated.

We wonder when Ms. Uson and her friends will realize that there is something better than apologizing—it is not doing anything damaging, or offensive, or stupid in the first place. With all the problems that this nation is facing, insensitive and inappropriate amusement from those whose job it is to convey a positive message is that last thing we need.


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