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Joy: Relocate families hurt by landslide now

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Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte on Tuesday called for an inter-agency coordination to relocate families affected by a severe landslide in Barangay Roxas.

“From identifying danger zones to evacuating families and relocating them, we need good coordination between the disaster council, the housing authority, and other related agencies,” she said.

Belmonte urged “urgent action” from concerned agencies so the 66 families with damaged houses situated beside a creek in Barangay Roxas be relocated to new homes “before a more severe accident occurs as a result of unpredictable and inclement weather.”

She lamented that the nearly nonstop onslaught of inclement weather this month had endangered the foundations of residences near creeks and other areas prone to landslides. 

“Three days ago, there was no tropical depression, but rain showers and winds had caused a house to collapse. So that only means there are fragile houses sitting on a danger zone,” she said.

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According to Belmonte, the city’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council had already labeled the houses as good for relocation and were given temporary shelters.

The National Housing Authority has promised to create a team to examine the area so the affected residents could be relocated, she said. 

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