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A winning tandem in ‘Unli Life’

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In Unli Life, a Regal Entertainment’s entry to the 2018 edition of Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, Vhong Navarro promises the same kind of impeccable comic timing and witty dialogues as he portrays a man who is given a chance to mend the breakup with his girlfriend, played by Teresita ‘Winwyn’ Marquez, by going back in time through the help of a magic potion, an alcoholic drink called “wishkey.”

By drinking “wishkey,” Vhong says that his character is transported to different time periods, such as the Dinosaur Era, Magellan, and the ‘70s Era, in an effort to correct his mistakes and prevent her girlfriend from breaking up with him in the current time. 

Comedian Vhong Navarro and beauty queen Winwyn Marquez team up for the first time on the big screen.

“It’s an adventure film with a romantic side. It’s very mysterious as well because of the different eras Vhong’s character is taken to. It’s very different from the usual predictive comedy films we’ve seen in the past,” Winwyn shared.

The film tackles, according to its director Miko Livelo, how much one is willing to go great lengths to get back that person he loves the most and what one is willing to do just to preserve it. 

“This is the kind of film that after the shoot, you’re just happy because you know maganda yung mga eksenang iniwan nyo. We made the film as a team. It’s like a basketball game in that for you to win the game, you need to have a plan,” Vhong said. 

A scene from the comedy film, which the actors describe as an adventure flick with a romantic twist.

On his leading lady, the comedian has nothing but praises and good words to Winwyn commending her versatility and hidden talent in doing comedy.

“We know her as a good dancer and for playing ‘kontrabida’ roles in different soap operas. But this time, she showcases her ability in comedy. Her timing is so perfect so we know she got it from her mom, Alma Moreno,” Vhong said in jest. 

Wynwin said that she had to adjust playing the female lead in the movie due to the fact that she’s used to portraying baddy roles. 

“Sometimes nawawala ako sa character ko, but Vhong was always there reminding me of the role I’m playing. I just feel overwhelmed because before I was just watching Vhong, now he’s my leading man. He treats everyone equally, he has respect for everyone and he will teach you if you don’t know what to do,” she mused.

Vhong is a time traveller in the movie

The star-studded cast includes Joey Marquez, Ejay Falcon, Donna Cariaga, Jon Lucas, Isabelle de Leon, Alex Calleja, Kamille Filoteo, Red Ollero with James Caraan, Anthony Andres, and Jun Urbano, and with special participation of Dimples Romana, Joem Bascon, Jun Sabayton, Epi Quizon and Jhong Hilario.

The film starts showing on Aug. 15. 


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