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Busy and visible

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Piolo Pascual feels happy that after all these years his career is still on the upswing. In fact, he presently juggles into three chart-topping shows over at mother studio ABS-CBN: The Sunday musical variety show ASAP, the primetime offering Since I Found You and the sitcom Home Sweetie Home.

“Who wouldn’t be glad and proud?” he says. “Not everyone in the ‘biz is given the same opportunities. Instead of feeling worried or insecure, I just want to count my blessings. That’s why I’m inspired even more to work and give the public the quality entertainment they deserve.”

Piolo Pascual is not taking showbiz break just yet.

Speaking of Home Sweetie Home, the award-winning actor admits he didn’t expect that after his guest stint with the show before, he’d become one of its mainstays, especially after John Lloyd Cruz decided to rest from the showbiz scene at the moment.

“That’s true! I didn’t have any inkling that one thing would lead to another. But let me point out that John Lloyd will always be there. He started the sitcom. Nobody can replace him. Lloydie will always be Lloydie.”

Curiously, does he see himself also staging an indefinite leave in showbiz just like John Lloyd when he gets burned out if ever?

“Nope, that will not happen. I love what I’m doing in the field and I’m grateful,” avers PJ.

Many observe that among his contemporaries, he’s the busiest and most visible. Apart from his hit TV programs, he’s the current apple-of-the-eye of advertisers with his long list of endorsements.

“This development truly humbles me. I’m happy that until now, my name still rings a bell among advertisers. In spite of the emergence of new faces in the industry, they still consider me. It definitely gives me a different high.”

But there’s a difference now when he accepts endorsements.

“I already came to a point when money is not the prime factor. It’s important that I believe in the product I push, sort of walking my talk. I can say that I love my endorsements more now as compared before,” ends Piolo.


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