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Who is Young JV off-cam?

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Probably, you are familiar to Young JV because of his regular appearance on TV, his sleek dance moves, his music, and the “scandal” that made him a hot topic among netizens not so long ago.

But little did many people know, Young JV, born Eduardo JV Arancillo Kapunan III, isn’t just lucky for enjoying music as passion while doing it for a living, or having a comfortable life being the son of Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Eduardo Kapunan Jr., who is now Philippine Ambassador to Myanmar. The 27-year-old urban pop artist who regularly appears in ASAP uses his status to give back and help others.

When he was 19, with the support of his dad and mom Elsa Kapunan, he started helping children of soldiers through Lahing Bayani Foundation, an outreach program that grants scholarships.

“I am very passionate about helping children get good education and pursue their dreams. That’s what we do in the foundation, which helps children of soldiers who perished in the line of duty,” he said and proudly added that the foundation has already produced six graduates to date.

Young JV must have been the role model of these children, too. Why not? He went to London at Cambridge University where he studied in high school then finished his studies at St. Joseph School in Iloilo. 

This year, he plans to continue his Comm Arts course at Entrepreneurs School of Asia (ESA), which was sidelined due to his showbiz commitments.

“I want to go back to school for myself and my parents who really would want me to have a diploma,” Young JV stated.

With an advocacy that has been running successfully for eight years now, Young JV has found an ally in Megasoft that recently introduced him as its brand ambassador.  

As the latest celebrity endorser of the personal care company, Young JV will represent the brand’s continuing “School is Cool Tour,” whose goal is to encourage young Filipinos to complete their education.

Speaking before some member of the press, Megasoft Vice President for Sales and Marketing Aileen Choi Go said that they are fortunate to have the young artist on board. Not only that he serves as an effective role model and endorser, Young JV also complements the company’s goal of prioritizing and valuing education.

Composer and urban pop artist Young JV  with Megasoft Vice President for Sales and Marketing Aileen Choi Go.

“Celebrities really help promote our products, but more than just business, our company’s goal is to promote the value of education. We go outside the cities and see the situation, knowing that Young JV has already been doing work for the sons and daughters of soldiers, we feel blessed to have him in our roster [of endorsers],” the Megasoft executive stated. 

Go further said that they  have a few activities lined up for Young JV. Starting tomorrow, Young JV will perform at the Gaisano Grand in Antique. Then, on June 14, the tour will head to Butuan City for the Naligayan Festival, and on July 16, Ororama Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City.

“We might also work with JV’s foundation, that is still in the wraps but expect JV to be in all our collaterals in social media, posters, images, and shows,” Go added. 

“I’m thankful to Miss Aileen because they still trust me no matter what,” Young JV retorted alluding to the video scandal that spread on the Internet, “They saw my capabilities as an artist, as a performer. I promise to bring my music to the Megasoft stage and entertain the students in the different schools that we will visit nationwide.” 


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