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Fitness as a lifestyle

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There is never a lack of fitness-related posts on our social media feeds these days: a celebrity doing CrossFit trainings, a friend embarking on a 32-kilometer run, a relative partaking of a keto meal. Being fit and healthy is no longer just a “thing,” it has become a way of living. 

WORK IT OUT. Workout sessions and other physical activities are more fun and comfortable with the right equipment and apparel. 

At Rustan’s ActiveWear, the concept of wellness goes beyond being fit, it is also about feeling happy—pumping up the adrenaline while enjoying the experience that promotes well-being. 

Rustan’s ActiveWear is Rustan’s retail outlet for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and active wear fashion fans. The store carries a wide variety of labels, including apparel, sporting goods, and accessories. 

The store offers sporting equipment, apparel, and accessories from different brands

The newly opened store offers Mizuno, Asics, and New Balance workout shoes, which are designed for power, mobility, and stability. Sports apparel and accessories from Adidas and Under Armour are also available. 

Those who are into flexibility and meditation exercises, such as yoga and Pilates, will now find plenty of clothing options in which they can move with ease and comfort while looking good and confident. Prana, Maaji, and Atsui have racks filled with swoon-worthy active wear pieces. Certified Calm also brings its lines of travel-friendly and sustainable backpacks, yoga accessories, and exercise mats to the store.

Rustan’s ActiveWear’s first branch on the ground level of Rustan’s Makati carries a wide variety of labels for athletes and active wear enthuasiasts

Protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays with Oakley’s sports sunglasses, stay hydrated with S’well or Aladdin’s water bottles, track your best time with Garmin, and power up your workout with uplifting tunes using in-ear headphones from Audio Technica, Skullcandy, and Philips. 

Individuals who love training outdoors are spoilt for choice from Champion, Quiksilver, Roxy, Columbia, and The North Face. 

Bubbles Paraiso taking a shot at the archery game at the store

Rustan’s ActiveWear’s first branch is located on the ground level of Rustan’s Makati. 

Visit for more information. 


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