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Mild eruptions happening at Mayon

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Mayon is going through a phase of sporadic mild eruptions.

Two relatively weak eruptions occured at the volcano so far today.

The first episode was at 8:53 am and the second one happened before 11 am.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) says, Mayon is spewing less lava and more steam these days.

Magma rising to the crater is not as thick as before and the pressure inside could be easing.

However, PHIVOLCS cautions, this is not an indication that Mayon's period of restiveness will soon be over.

It could just be forming new pyroclastic materials underneath.

Today, volcanologists are conducting another ground deformation survey on the slopes of Mayon.

Meanwhile, evacuation centers in Albay are overcrowding with residents who fled their homes that are within the volcano's danger zone.

Francis Tolentino, who was designated as government's emissary to the evacuees, plans to ask local governments in Metro Manila if they can temporarily accommodate Albay residents who had been displaced by Mayon's activities.



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