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AG&P offers solution to expanding LNG demand

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AG&P, a local company at the forefront of developing end-to-end LNG delivery solutions, said demand aggregation is the key to growing and unlocking the market for gas in Asia.

AG&P said in a statement liquid-fueled power plants remained the key driver for increasing global gas demand across the region. 

However, these power plants are typically remote and too small to be viably served on a standalone basis, especially in archipelagoes like the Philippines and Indonesia. Thus, they remained stranded without access to gas supply.

In order to address the challenge, AG&P is aggregating downstream demand in off-grid areas to achieve the minimum throughput required to unlock new gas-to-power markets. 

AG&P is also pushing for the development of the missing LNG supply chain infrastructure off-grid areas by offering a fully integrated, end-to-end solution from sourcing to last mile delivery, making it possible and viable for customers to switch to LNG.

“Most liquid-fueled power plants are remotely located and cut-off from the main grid. Leveraging our standardized designs and modular approach to building LNG terminals, AG&P has created a solution that not only eliminates expensive, bespoke engineering costs, but significantly reduces construction time,” Abhilesh Gupta, AG&P’s Global chief financial officer and commercial head, said. 

AG&P is specifically banking on a business model that brings under one platform LNG design/engineering, innovative technology, manufacturing, project management, local marketing and operations. 

“We can now offer off-grid areas speed of LNG infrastructure development, access to new and diverse gas supply options, cost-efficiency, increasing price competitiveness and flexibility to support the expansion of renewables in the power mix,” Gupta said.


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