Energy efficiency can save PH trillions of pesos–Gatchalian


Senator Win Gatchalian on Wednesday said the Philippine government stands to save trillions of pesos over the next 12 years if it sets in place an energy efficiency and conservation policy as a long-term strategy to address high electricity demand and costs.

Gatchalian, chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy, said Philippine consumers could enjoy between P1.6 trillion to P5.5 trillion in combined electricity cost savings from 2018 to 2030 because of reduced energy demand and consumption prompted by the efficient use of energy.

He said energy efficiency and conservation strategies will not only achieve much needed savings for the government, but it can also significantly bring down the prices of electricity and give consumers extra money in their pockets to spend for other basic necessities. 

Speaking before members of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Gatchalian said experts have been busy finding additional and alternative sources of energy to ensure a stable power supply in the three major islands of our country. 


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