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What if you woke up in a different body?

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If I were gay dreaming to be a woman, I’d be very euphoric. Or if my female lesbian friend is wishing to be loved truly by her beloved, she’d probably feel even more rapturous.

Well, that’s not the case with Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe in the Regal Films’ latest family comedy for all ages, Woke Up Like This. 

The characters the two actors play in the movie get the surprise of their lives when one day both of them wake up in another body of the opposite gender.

Those who have seen the rough cut of director Joel Ferrer’s movie agree Woke Up Like This is Vhong and Lovi’s funniest.

Regal is known for producing movies for the entire family just like the Ai-Ai de las Alas’ starrer Our Mighty Yaya, which made quite a killing at the tills.

Also, Regal adapts to the times as even the film’s title was coined and made popular by the millennial generation.

FREAKY. Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe reunite in a Regal offering "Woke Up Like This," a  story of two characters
who fall victims to an odd twist of fate

In the film, Vhong plays Lando, the King of the Basketball Court.

A hardcore cager, he is a dutiful son who takes on the role of the head of the family when his father (played by Joey Marquez) meets with an accident and injures himself on the hard court.

Lando’s dream of being part of a prestigious basketball league is sidelined when he wakes up one day in the body of a woman he barely knows.

Lovi, meanwhile, is Sabrina. Tagged as the Ramp Queen, she is beautiful, svelte and very competitive, too.

Her fate as a sought-after model vying for the Supermodel of the Whole Wide Philippines crown suffers a setback when she finds herself trapped in a man’s body.

The mystery behind Lando and Sabrina’s switch is the subject of Woke Up Like This endless comic twists.

Lovi gets ample comic support from equally kikay co-stars Cora Waddel, Yana Asistio, and Dionne Monsanto.

Joey and Bayani Agbayani, on the other hand, lend winning comic timing in hilarious scenes like that of Vhong’s shower scene as Sabrina.

Woke Up Like This may be Lovi’s first comedy movie but she managed to pass the test with a new monicker, “LPJ,” which stands for “Lovi Poe Jr.”

The actress’ dad, the late Fernando Poe Jr., was himself a natural comedian aside from being local filmdom’s action king.

As for Vhong, he has proven his knack for comedy once too many but he offers fresh “hugots” and comic style that would endear him even more to local audience.

The two lead actors’ performance in Woke Up Like This pays off handsomely as the film’s trailer earn almost 10 million views on social media.

Even their mall shows are sell outs.

As bonus, Vhong’s fellow It’s Showtime hosts plus a handful of basketball players have agreed to do cameos in Woke Up Like This now cinemas nationwide. 

* * *

Heart Evangelista is getting multiple two-thumbs up for her table setting on her dining table at home.

Her followers have been blasting her Instagram post showing her dining ware. Among the photos she posted is the Fil-Spanish dinner set up.

She also posted photos of her dinner plates with European and Chinese history motif.

She is also allowing her followers a peek to parts of her new house where she and husband, Senator Chiz Escudero, are living now with the latter’s twins.

But Heart doesn’t like to have her new home featured in any magazine or newspapers because as she said she still needs to fix things up.

Three years in the making, Heart save up everything she earned for the house.

If the pre-nup is followed, the house is really Heart’s.

Heart is busy promoting My Korean Jagiya,  the new series she stars in on GMA Network with Korean actors Alexander Lee and David Kim.

K-Drama star David Kim is proud of his special participation in "My Korean Jagiya"

But Heart is painting again after she put it on hold when she became busy with Mulawin vs Ravena and taping for My Korean Jagiya in Korea.

“In between taping, did this on-the-spot painting for a short film. Can’t wait to share it with you!” says Heart of her new work. 

Heart also traveled to Europe for the Paris fashion week.

* * *

GMA Network proves once again to be the Heart of Asia as it proudly presents its first-ever original Filipino-Korean series, My Korean Jagiya.

To give viewers the full experience, cast members and the crew flew to the Land of the Morning Calm and hired professional Korean actors for the soap, including one of the country’s sought-after actors, David Kim, who has appeared in renowned K-dramas such as Iris 2, Glamorous Temptation, and currently, The King Is In Love.

David’s career began early and has been acting since he was in high school. “It was by chance that I made my debut,” he says. “I was approached by a photographer when he saw me on the streets. He took my photo and he eventually introduced me to an entertainment management company.”

At that time, teen love dramas were a trend in Korea and David was grateful to be cast by a major broadcasting company. “Our drama was the most popular one and it ran for two years. Personally, that drama was the most memorable one,” he happily shares. 

My Korean Jagiya is David’s first international stint by a foreign production and shot in a foreign country. On why he gladly accepted the role, David says that he’s always up for a challenge. “This drama is really interesting and I was lucky to get a chance to experience something new and something different compared to all the projects I’ve done in Korea,” he exclaims.

David plays the role of Kim Ji Hu, Jun Ho’s (Alexander Lee) older brother and the eldest son of Madame (Michelle Oh). His character seems cruel as he steals his younger brother’s girlfriend, but David says that there are reasons behind Ji Hu’s actions, which will be revealed later on in the show.


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