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Vhong Navarro, Lovi Poe in gender swap movie

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What would you feel if you woke in a different body – if you’re a man you woke up a woman or vice versa?

That’s exactly what happens to the characters Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe play in the upcoming movie Woke Up Like This (Regal Entertainment, Inc).

Navarro has recently starred in Mang Kepweng Returns and it was just a couple of months back before Regal Films offered him to be the leading man of Lovi Poe in the comedy Woke Up Like This.

Vhong and Lovi were paired previously in a chilling episode of Shake, Rattle & Roll XVI. This time, the pair offer a different cinematic experience. The film is a major challenge for Poe who shows she’s not just body and face but a comic talent to reckon with as well.

She was last seen sizzling hot in a Regal film with actor Derek Ramsay titled The Escort.

Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe reunite in Regal Entertainment comedy flick,"Woke Up Like This" 

As everyone knows, Vhong Navarro is a full-fledged comedian and his role in this new film with Poe is just a breeze, but, of course, he says the audience will find his role refreshing, something new and he’s sure he’ll bring the house down with his antics. He plays Lando, known in the neighborhood as “king of the basketball court.” A dutiful son, he assumes the role of being the head of the family when his father (Joey Marquez) meets with an accident.

Vhong Navarro has a new flick in the pipeline. 

But Lando is also less of a sportsman when he is on the court and has a big dream to join the big league. Well, that will be sidelined when he wakes up one day and finds out he has the body of a woman…someone he doesn’t even know.

Meanwhile, Love plays Sabrina, known among her friends as the “ramp queen,” beautiful, sexy but very competitive. She is vying to be the Supermodel of the Whole Wide Philippines. But that will not happen when she wakes up trapped in a man’s body.

Why has Lando and Sabrina gone through this gender swap? Well, the two didn’t want to tell during the press conference at the Regal Events Place recently. And neither the director Joel Ferrer wanted to spill the beans. All three chimed, “Watch the film and you’ll find out why.”

The actor will be co-starring in Woke Up Like This with Lovi Poe, whom he previously worked with back in 2012 for an installment of the Shake, Rattle, and Roll horror franchise. 

For your information, the film opens on Aug. 23 after the weeklong Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino in cinemas nationwide.


Anthony Vincent Bova arrived in the Philippines on Aug. 13 to radiate a different learning experience on GMA Artist Center stars and introduce the most reliable acting technique developed by actor-author Eric Morris.

Based in New York, Bova is personally endorsed by Morris to teach the Artist Center stars his method, The Eric Morris System, considered to be more personal and intimidating to the actors as it requires facing inner fears and weaknesses.

THROWBACK. Some of the local actors who took the class of Eric Morris System, among them were Pinky Amador, Joel Torre, Laurice Guillen, Michael de Mesa, and the late Johnny Delgado, to name a few.

“What attracted me to the Eric Morris System is that this work answered so many questions that other techniques didn’t know to ask. One of the biggest traps actors in general fall into in this age of naturalism as an artist is they act natural. It’s still acting. They act natural as opposed to being natural,” Bova explains. 

Bova delves more about the method of “being” in a three-day intensive acting workshop. Through the workshop, the actors will bear truth to the acting coach’s sincerity and professionalism, which help them trust the process.

His mentor, Morris, has a special regard for the Philippines as he had worked with some of the most critically acclaimed and internationally awarded actors, like Laurice Guillen, Johnny Delgado, Michael de Mesa, and Leo Martinez among many others. Morris has been giving his blessing to his protégé, Bova, to teach his system of work for over 20 years now.

Aiming to help the future generation of actors develop the skills of an effective performer, GMA Artist Center together with Laurice Guillen Actors Studio and Anthony Vincent Bova will work together to establish a higher standard for the actors’ performance in the Philippines. 


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