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How fitness keeps designer Kaye Morales motivated

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With her latest streetwear collection, Vomit Art, Manila-based fashion designer, Kaye Morales, has been looking to the world of triathlons in order to keep herself motivated and inspired. 

“Triathlon training has been a life-changing experience for me,” says Morales. “I wake up early, so the moment I’m done training, I go straight to work. It keeps me stronger, disciplined, and focused.”

Away from the design room and the fashion world, Morales has always held a passion for sports; having engaged in activities such as wakeboarding, surfing, and diving. Looking for another challenge, the designer turned her attention to triathlons. 

“It’s all about discipline,” Morales shares. “I used to be a night owl who’d be in bed by four in the morning. But now, with all the training I have to do, on top of my work as a designer, I make sure I sleep before 10, then I get up by four. It goes to show how far discipline can take you.”

Morales finished her first triathlon this year at the Subic International Triathlon, an experience she described as “nerve-wrecking.” “I cried the moment I crossed the finish line. If there’s one single thing that racing triathlons have done for me, it’s that it has helped me calm my anxiety. With work and sports, there are so many things I have going on in my life, that until recently, I just never took the moment to calm myself down.”

Kaye Morales has found a new love in triathlon, which helps her become more focused and disciplined to take on her other roles 

Currently, Morales has been training hard for three more triathlons, a bike run, and several swim races, all scheduled throughout the year, starting with the Regent 5150 Triathlon on June 4. “Knowing I’ve signed up for all these races is really going to make me train harder.  It doesn’t matter if I cross first place or last, I want to cross the finish line at my physical best.”

If this weren’t enough, Morales will be using the momentum from this year’s triathlons for something even bigger: Ironman Philippines. For almost 40 years, the Ironman competition has proven itself to be one of the most grueling triathlon competitions in the world. The contest combines bike riding, swimming, and running into a single competition that spans a total distance of 70.3 miles. 

Morales finished her first triathlon this year at the Subic International Triathlon, an experience she described as ‘nerve-wrecking.’ Currently the designer/athlete is training for three more triathlon events  

“Ironman will be my biggest test,” Morales says. “It’s been my biggest dream since I’ve started training. I can’t help but force myself to excel at every single thing I involve myself in and Ironman is no different. If I can complete Ironman, there’s nothing that can stop me from accomplishing what I want.”

From running Kaye Morales Atelier to competing in several triathlons this year and next, there is no denying that Kaye Morales is a highly motivated and passionate woman. 

“What can I say? I’ve been bitten by the race bug!” says Morales. “Crossing the finish line is an amazing feeling. It’s a natural high you can’t get from anything else and that’s something I want to experience again and again!”


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